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Categories vs Tags

It’s important to organise the information we share through our blogs to allow users to effectively access previous posts. Two ways to do this are through categories and tags – but what are they? How are categories and tags different and why should we use them? In the following video, Bec shares the different ways categories and tags make it easier to organise your blog’s content.

Adding a Photo Gallery to a Blog Post

This tutorial shows how to add a photo gallery to a post on your school blog.

Adding a New Category to Your Blog

Here’s a quick video tutorial that shows you how to add a new category to your blog.

We use categories on ISB blogs to show what subject or course a blog post is for.

How to setup your school blog

Every student at ISB has their own school WordPress blog account. WordPress is a powerful publishing platform for the classroom and both students and teachers can use for class projects, photos, multimedia and much more. The blogs are open to the world, which means not just teachers and parents can go through your blogs, so remember to keep personal information private (not on blog).

How to setup your school blog

How to Add an Alert to Your Classroom Blog

How to add a blog alert to your classroom blog.

How to Add Parents to Your Classroom Blog

Here is a video I made it describes how to add your parents to your classroom blog.


Changing the Display Name On Your Blog

Students, please remember that the policy at ISB is to only show your first name and last initial on your blog–no last names. Here’s a video that shows how to change your display name.

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