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Copyright is good but it’s also a pain. It’s good because it protects people that create stuff like movies, music and books so that other people can’t take it and make money from it. It’s a pain because it can be confusing knowing what music or photos are okay to use. This is where Creative Commons helps. Creative Commons is a way for creators to mark their work in a way that clearly outlines how we may use it. Below is a video from Creative Commons Kiwi that explains Creative Commons and how to use it.

Creative Commons: Search

There are many sites that help you search for photos, videos and music that has a Creative Commons License. The one built in to the Creative Commons website is one that I often use.3974793478_c741512420_m

Which Creative Commons License?

Here’s a great flowchart to help you decide which Creative Commons license to use when you are posting your creative work online.

Thanks to Mr. Sheridan for sharing this with me!

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