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MS Online Learning Exemplars: End of Year

Online Learning Exemplars Main Table of Contents


Captivate/Clarify: Krista ended the year with a choice writing unit, allowing students to showcase their creativity by allowing them to choose their genre while they all worked towards the common goal of incorporating and leveling up skills as graphic novelists. She laid out the tasks at the beginning of the unit so that students knew what was expected of them and met with students throughout the unit to support their creation process.


Captivate/Clarify: Verina creates daily screencasts for students and connects with them live multiple times a week. Her directions are clear and concise so that students know what is expected of them. She also differentiates, helping all students feel challenged.



Captivate/Clarify: Ashlea provided a variety of ways for students to interact with the concepts of the last unit.

Clarify: Mona broke the final project down into 4 manageable parts, 3 research assignments and a 4th assignment to put everything together and share. She also provided text instructions accompanied by videos and live lessons.


World Language

Captivate/Clarify: Kevin used a variety of ways to present information to students. He ended the year with an autobiography project, allowing students to use their new Spanish skills in a creative way via BookCreator.

MS Online Learning Exemplars: Week 5

eLearning Exemplars Main Table of Contents


Clarify/Care: In this Chinese lesson, Vicky & Yan provide an objective, clear instructions and estimates for how long each task should take them. They also provide a short video to help students with pronunciation and flashcards to help them practice.


Captivate: Blaze created an instructional video full of small nuggets to remind the grade 7 students to stay engaged while learning about the compare and contrast essay.

Participation Tracking

Classroom Management: Jeff has developed a spreadsheet and system that allows him to track student participation and attendance, helping him to know when he needs to contact students and parents. View/download template here.

Visual Art

Care/Consolidate: Jenny uses a short video to connect with and encourage her students, reminding them of what they have done so far and affirming both those students who are caught-up and those that are still working to get everything done.

MS Online Learning Exemplars: Weeks 1-3

eLearning Exemplars Main Table of Contents


Care/Captivate: In these videos/screencasts, Nikki & Krista connect with their students in a personal way by making videos that include their faces and voices, rather than just typing out instructions. This makes the e-learning feel less isolating for the students. They also keep the videos short enough that students won’t get overwhelmed and lose focus.

Intro to Animal Farm

Rise of Sumerian City-States + Book Talk


Captivate: Lucas regularly posts optional opportunities for his students to synthesize and extend their learning, giving them choice on the level of challenge they feel ready to take on. Most of these opportunities are from outside resources. As some students might be in challenging situations, offering this choice to students is an effective way to differentiate and give them more ownership over their learning without adding a lot of stress for either teacher or students.

PE and Health

Collaborate/Care: In this team, the teachers make one workout video and share it across multiple sections of the grade 6 course, so as not to duplicate the work involved in creating the content. In the video and the teachers’ comments, they show care for their students’ well-being by explaining how physical activity contributes to physical and mental well-being. Having the video made by their teacher makes it feel more personal which helps students feel less isolated.


Captivate: In this DX post, Mona & Matt get around the lack of hands-on materials available to their students by using an online resource. This resource lets students play around with virtual circuits, dragging and dropping them to experiment with the results. Using this resource is an effective way to engage students in inquiry and spark their interest in the topic!


Clarify/Captivate/Confer: In this video, peek into Kevin’s Spanish 1 class. He provides a clear task (class agenda) and captivates students via the bilingualism and flexibility of the task.  Students share their work not only with their teachers but also with each other.

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