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GarageBand – Podcasts

This tutorial will step you through recording your voice, using GarageBand, and adding loops for background music and sound effects.

How can I integrate Podcasts in the Classroom?

Here are some specific ideas for integrating audio recording into your curriculum:

  • Students interview relatives about their life stories, and then combine the audio interview with family photos in a video project.
  • Students write a radio drama based on a historical event and incorporate sound effects and music to enhance the story.
  • Learn about different provinces in China  by interviewing locals. Record the interview and then create a digital album showcasing that province.
  • Students create an advertising campaign to highlight a current event in a persuasive manner.
  • Write and record short stories and add music and sound effects.
  • Teacher records a tutorial that students listen to on their own – share via DX and invite students to reflect on their learning in a discussion forum.
  • Present a piece of writing as a class radio drama or a poetry slam.
  • Teacher records and broadcasts group discussions – share with other classes discussing similar topics.
  • Teachers might record students reading a story as a fluency assessment, or as a foreign language pronunciation activity. Students listen to their recording and self assess.
  • On a field trip, students use an iPhone or iPad with voice recorder app to take notes and photos. They then create a guided tour using iMovie.

Scriptwriting Teachers’ Guide and Software

Clapperboard 2

We teach kids many forms of writing. Scriptwriting is a very relevant form these days. Pens to Lens is a site specifically designed to help teach this form of writing. There is a lot on the site including a useful teachers’ guide with several good resources.

I particularly like two resources. Worksheet B is a style guide which outlines the proper format for a screenplay. The Sample Script is really good as it is a short excerpt from the Toy Story script. It’s from the scene when Buzz and Woody meet the Aliens in the Crane Game. Think “the claw, the cla-a-a-a-w!” It would be good to use with kids as they’ll know the scene and then be able to see how the script is written for it.

Where Pens to Lens is full of good resources for teaching script writing, Celtx is a free online app for actually writing a script. Of course a script can be written in any word processor or text editor but Celtx helps with the drudgery of formatting a script. It helps free the writer from formatting so he/she can focus on the important part–telling his/her story.

Using Celts involves signing up for an account. The account is free. Scriptwriting is always free. There are other features in Celtx but one has to pay a subscription fee for them. For our needs, the free version should be enough.

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