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Lunch card top up 午餐卡充值

Dear ES Parents, 亲爱的小学家长们,

Please can you remember to go online to see your child’s balance with Sodexo, to pay for lunches at school. We have just realized that many of you have not been remembering to check about this, or perhaps you do not know how to. Many ES students have a negative balance of over ¥1000.


It is much easier to add money to your account this year, as Sodexo have arranged for you to be able to do this on WeChat. The PowerPoint below has the instructions for how to do this.


Please can you try to remember to check your child’s balance 2 or 3 times a month, and add money as necessary.


Below are 8 steps to register, add money and check your child’s balance.


Guide of online top up via WeChat