Book Week: April 22 – 26 – 4月22-26日图书周

Book Week April 22-26th

Our final and most exciting event of Book Week is the Book Character Parade. Children and staff are invited to dress up as a character from their favorite book.

On Friday 26th April, at 8:25am, ES students and staff will parade around Gym 1, flaunting their amazing costumes for all to see.

Children must bring along the book that their character is from. We warmly welcome all families to watch the parade! Home-made costumes are strongly encouraged. To ensure feelings of safety for our students, no weapons or overtly scary costumes are allowed.


我们图书周最后一个,也是最激动人心的活动是图书人物游行. 我们邀请孩子和老师们装扮成他们最喜欢的书中的角色。


孩子们必须携带他们扮演角色所在的书。我们热烈欢迎所有的家庭观看游行! 我们非常鼓励在家中自制服装. 为了确保学生的安全,我们不允许孩子们携带武器类或穿过于恐怖的服装。