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E-Learning in the Elementary School

Dear Parents,

I’d like to extend my wishes and hopes that each of you and your children are safe and healthy.  As I’ve spent the past ten days watching events in China and around the globe unfold, I’ve been struck by how quickly a community can come together when faced by difficulties and the unknown.  Watching the news and talking to people has reminded me that learning is a journey…one that is exciting, filled with opportunities and sprinkled with challenges.

As a community, we are starting the e-learning journey together, and soon you will receive information from your child’s teacher.  In the coming days each of us will need time to get used to an approach to learning that is quite different from being in a classroom.  I ask for your understanding and patience as we get learning opportunities underway and communicated to you and your children.  Please refer to Dragons’ Gate for information and updates on the steps ISB is taking to address the coronavirus situation and e-learning.

The teachers have been collaborating online over the past week to design and create opportunities for all children to be actively engaged.  Clear guidelines have been established so that your child can pursue reading, writing, math, and specialist area content.  If you have questions about activities or tasks that are assigned, please email your child’s teacher.  Throughout the coming days and weeks, be assured that school leadership will be evaluating the effectiveness of delivering the curriculum.  Do keep in mind, however, that we will need time and ask for your understanding and patience during this period of transition.  Adjustments will be made as needed.

Parent Guidelines for supporting your child’s e-learning are published on Dragons’ Gate.  As we begin this journey, please keep at the forefront of your mind that hours are not the lone measure of learning.  Learning needs to be relevant, and learning is social.  Children and adults learn from sharing ideas and questions.  Much of the learning that happens in the elementary school occurs in small groups and through one-to-one conversations.  During this time of e-learning, we strongly encourage you to spend time talking with your child and finding ways for them to practice what they are learning.  Additionally, be mindful of managing screen time; Common Sense Media has some useful information on the topic.  Equally important is ensuring that your child has time to play and take breaks.

We look forward to working in partnership with you as the e-learning journey begins.


ES Leadership Team