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Recorder time

If you are a returning ISB student it is time to find your recorder. If you left it at school last year we will get them organized next PA Class.

If you took it home—it is time to find it and bring it back to school.  Can’t find it.  50 RMB will get you a new one.

If you are a new ISB students I will give you what you need.

MS. Campbell


Dragon Olympics Biathlon

Dear Parents

The ESPE team is super excited to announce that the Dragon Olympics Biathlon for Grade 5 will be happening on Monday 25th of September. It will consist of a swim and a run, and will take place at lunchtime: 12:40-1:10pm. It is an optional event for all 5th Grade students.

The students can Run 1200m (3 laps of the track) and Swim 10, 8 or 6 widths of the pool (their choice).

Students will not be timed, and there will be no winners.  For students with less experience they can use floating devices, or shorten their distance while in the pool.  The pool staff will be on deck as lifeguards to help kids out as much as possible.  They can choose the stroke they would like to use during the swim.  We’d like as many students as possible to experience and enjoy this event. All students who participate in the Biathlon will be awarded one of the 6 colored Dragon Olympics bands.

The Biathlon will happen, rain or shine.  If all goes well, we will run on the new track.  If it is an indoor day, we will run in Gym 3.  Followed by the swim in the pool.

To help your child get ready for the event on the day of their race, please send them with an extra t-shirt and pair of shorts in addition to their swim suit, cap and goggles. Please send all of these items in a clear Ziploc bag with their name printed clearly on it.  If your child is currently swimming in PE class, they can retrieve their swimsuit from the pool.

If you have any questions please email Josie O’Reilly on

Deadline extended for Terry Fox t-shirts

On September 29, the entire ISB community will join in the fight against cancer by participating in the Terry Fox Run. This event is held every year in honor of a young man who sought to increase funding for cancer research by running across Canada, in spite of the fact that he had lost a leg to the disease.

ISB families and staff can contribute to the Terry Fox Foundation by buying a t-shirt for RMB120, or by making a donation on the day of the run. Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Orders for t-shirts can now be given to your child’s homeroom teacher all the way up until the 29th. Beginning next Monday, the t-shirts will also be for sale during lunch in the middle school/high school cafeteria. Please follow the sizing guidelines below when ordering.

Details of the upcoming grade 5 trip to Singing Deer Lodge

Dear Parents,

All 5th graders will soon be participating in a learning experience that will take them off-campus for 2 nights. Details of the experience and a recommended packing list are included below for your information. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher should you have any questions or concerns.

Travel Dates and Times:

5HD, 5KH and 5AT: September 18-20

5AD, 5ML and 5JP: September 20-22

All students should arrive at school as normal by 8:10am with a small piece of luggage, such as a backpack, and a packed lunch. (Click here to see a copy of the packing list your child will bring home to share with you.) After a short morning meeting, departing classes will leave ISB at 9:00am. Students will return to ISB 2 days later, in time to catch their regular bus home.

Location: Singing Deer Lodge, Near Miyun Reservoir

Transport: ISB Bus

Activities: The Singing Deer Lodge provides an excellent experiential learning environment for our students. Over the course of two days, students will participate in a variety of creative, intellectual, and physical activities, as well as Chinese integration. This includes a visit with a local village family, science and team building activities, an Amazing Race challenge game, art and craft activities, as well as other experiential learning opportunities linked to the 5th grade curriculum.

All activities have gone through a strict assessment to make sure your child will be safe and challenged at the same time. Activities will be modified to meet your child with their ability level. These activities help students develop trust and confidence in themselves and in each other. Our ultimate goal is to return to school with a group of students who are reflective and excited to continue experiential learning throughout the school year.

Please Note the Following:

· We are able to accommodate most special requests for your child if adequate notification is given to their teacher. If these requests cannot be met, your child may have an excused absence as outlined in the annual Experiential Learning Universal Consent and Waiver.

· Off-campus learning experiences do not follow the same AQI standards as on-campus learning experiences. Should pollution levels on the day of the experience exceed ISB’s standards, then the team leading the experience, in collaboration with divisional administrators, will make the decision as to whether the experience will run as planned, be modified, or be canceled.

Should you decide that you do not want your child to participate in an experience due to pollution, please contact your child’s divisional office on the morning of the experience and inform them as such.


The Grade 5 Teachers and the Strategic Learning Office

MAP Testing for Grade 5

Dear Grade 5 Parents,

NWEA MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing will begin tomorrow, September 5th for all scholars in Grade 5. The testing days are September 5th, 6th and 7th. MAP testing is an online, interactive, adaptive assessment for Reading, Language Usage, and Mathematics. These assessments help teachers evaluate the progress and instructional needs of their scholars throughout the school year. During MAP scholars are presented with engaging and age-appropriate content. As scholars respond to questions, each test adapts and appropriately adjusts the level of difficulty. Due to the nature of the MAP assessments, scholars are expected to correctly answer only half of all items. The data collected from each testing session will; provide invaluable information about current levels of performance, indicate areas of strength and itemize standards that may need further individualized instruction.

How to prepare your child for MAP

  • You DO NOT NEED to study for MAP (You can not study for the adaptive items).
  • Ensure your child gets a good night sleep.
  • Make sure they have a good breakfast on testing day.
  • Encourage them to try their best, be positive and remind them it is normal to find certain items too challenging on this assessment.

For more information regarding MAP, please go to the official NWEA MAP website and read the Parent Tool Kit. Additionally, if you have any questions regarding MAP you can contact Brian Byrne, the ES Assistant Principal, or the Office of Learning.