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Grade 5 Winter Fest Thursday December 14, 2017

Dear Grade 5 Parents,

Time really flies and now it is the time for the “Grade 5 Winter Fest,” which is a very special event for our fifth graders.  The Winter Fest will take place on Thursday, December 14th from 11:00 p.m. to 3:25p.m.  This is a joint event for all the fifth grade classes.  There will be six different activities planned.  Each classroom is in charge of one special activity. The children will also enjoy a shared lunch.

1). Each student need to contribute one food item according to his/her last name. In addition, please send the food item to the classroom with a marked container (unless the disposable container will be used). Lastly, please indicate if a food item contains nuts, dairy or meat.

If the last names begin with the following letters then those families will be responsible for providing the following…

  • A-E  Breads or appetizers
  • F-K  Main courses
  • L-P  Vegetable, potato, rice, pasta
  • Q-U   Dessert
  • V – Z  Drinks   (preferably juice boxes)

Finally, one of the activities will be a cookie or cupcake decorating station. For this activity we need a number of parents to send in undecorated sugar cookies or cupcakes, or cans of frosting. If you are able to send in any of these items, please send them in or contact your class homeroom parent.

Together we will help to make a great party for our kids!

Thank you in advance!


Homeroom Parents