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Preparing for Puberty Week (February 26 – March 2nd)

Dear Grade 5 Parents,

Puberty Week is almost here and we would like to share some of the resources that we will be using. We encourage parents to look through these materials to help guide the discussions you might have at home with your child. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher if you have any comments or questions.

At the beginning of the week, students will receive one of the gender-specific handouts that are included in the links listed below. While topics for both genders will be covered in a co-ed fashion during the first few days of the week, students will only receive their gender-specific handout.

Girls and boys will be split into gender-based groups for the last two days of the week.  We have found that it’s easier for many students to talk about puberty-related topics on these days.

The always.com website is a teacher resource that you also might find useful.  It is produced by a company that makes feminine hygiene products and has some helpful tips and advice for girls and their parents.

The final links are for videos that we will share with the students throughout the week.  

Warm regards,

The Grade 5 Team


Printed Handouts

Boys’ Guide


Girls’ Guide


Online sources

Puberty Resources for Parents

Information for parents and adolescents about puberty and growth topics


Tips and advice about menstruation



Looking Ahead – About Boys


Looking Ahead – About Girls


Good Hygiene


Having a Positive Body Image


Period Diaries