Unit Description: Students will engage with the local community in a meaningful way through three lenses: economic, environmental, and social. With guidance, they will independently inquire into a specific area, identifying an area of need relevant to the local community.  This independent project represents the culmination of their experience in the Futures Academy.

Project: Students will create two primary products that will reflect their investigation and understanding of the issue. Once they have completed the guided inquiry phase of the project, they will write an argumentative rationale. The purpose of the document is to justify why action is needed. Then they will develop a Call to Action in a medium of their choice. These may include a film, a Ted Talk, a Pecha Kucha presentation, or even an art installation.

Essential Questions: What challenges (global and local) exist in China?What are the impacts of the problem in China today? Why should something be done to address that problem? What can be done to address that problem? How can I be an agent of positive change?

Chinese Integration and Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • The students will participate in a number of exploratory activities to further their understanding of local, national and global issues including: The Hutong Capstone Experience, Speaker Series, Survey Field Trip and more.

Disciplinary Content – depending on the issue strand (economic, social, environment) and specific topic students will work with their facilitators to identify relevant disciplinary standards and utilize research and field work practices that best fit their area of inquiry.

21st Century Skills Focus: Communication and Collaboration, Global Thinking, Inquiry, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, and Creativity and Innovation.