What if we reconfigured space to be more conducive to the skills we are trying to promote in students in the 21st Century? What if we tore down the walls to make learning more fluid and interconnected? What if we lined the room with writable surfaces to make learning visible and dynamic? What if we cross-cut space with interesting shapes to promote divergent thinking? What if we left the ceiling exposed to demonstrate the inner workings of various systems?

When we designed the ISB Futures Academy Space two years ago, we had exactly these ideas in mind. The design operated on the premise that if you want to inspire new ways of thinking, you have to start by re-thinking how we use space. The pictures below represent how ISB designed its space:


We utilize flexible space to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase student engagement
  • Make learning more fluid and interconnected
  • Allow for interdisciplinary connections
  • Allow for transparency in the educational model
  • Help students gain key 21st century skills

The following floor plans demonstrate how ISB Futures Academy has configured its space to achieve the above objectives:

ISB FA-1st Floor

ISB FA-2nd Floor