Feed The Future 2018

The Feed the Future project is about how to sustain our world in fifty years. Sustainability is being able to maintain something for a long time. FA 7 used their knowledge from science, humanities, and math to make pitches, infographics, posters, and design meals that will help sustain our future. The focuses of groups ranged […]

Marco Polo’s Changemaker

Project entrepreneur ________________________________________________________________________ This project was to use the principals of entrepreneur meet the needs of our local and global community. Our group was following the driving question, the Marco Polo Snack Bar is aware of not serving meat and no unhealthy ingredients like oil. What made us aware and engaged into the project is […]

PSA Shokhin, Tom and Richard

We claimed that running in the hallway and tripping is related to the laws of motion. First, our victim, tom was running in the 6th-grade hallway, then a teacher stopped him. Because he was late for class so he ignored the teachers warning and continued running, but he ended up tripping and getting hurt. This relates […]

Mystery Boxes

 A social entrepreneur, in my opinion, is a person or an organization that has a dream to impact or solve a global issue. In this unit, we learned and became one of those honored business men. We faced several problems throughout the process of the project. For example, when we were on the wrong track. […]

Don’t be a Phubber!

Driving Question: How do we use the laws of motion to improve safety? First of all, our group made a PSA about phubbers slipping on a banana peel that’s been littered, for the PSA, we wanted to show that don’t be a phubber, don’t always look at your phone, things can’t rewind, the truth hurts…and […]

PSA: Kids Wear Your Helmets

How do we use the laws of motion to improve safety? You might consider mentioning: What did you learn? What challenged you about this project? How did you try to improve safety at ISB?   I learned Newton’s three laws of motion I thought it was difficult to understand Newton’s three laws of motion I […]