FA garden

To raise awareness for Global warming, I decided to create a FA farm. I decided to pick this project because, a lot of people know that Global warming is important, but they do not really take care of it. During this year book, I learned about using different instruments and tools. Also, I had to […]

Guess the Theme

I picked this project because I love drawing, I can sit and draw for the whole day.I grew by seeking out for feedback and use them efficiently, asking myself questions looking at my artworks how can I make it better. My idea is feasible and challenging for me, I tried different types of drawing techniques. […]

Global Warming: What Can We Do?

Roy and I picked this ignite project because we had an interest in composing music and making videos. Roy has multiple previous projects on composition and I have experience with video editing, so we thought this project will be the best fit for us. From this project, we got to practice our video editing skills […]

Edible Utensils (updated)

For my Ignite project, I made edible utensils. I picked this project because I feel like there is a need for environmental care. I learned many new skills throughout this project, like molding, 3d designs+3D printing, Baking, Cooking, Problem-solving and many other new skills. Is I had to do something differently, I would work on […]

Upcycled Birdhouse

I picked this Ignite Project because I wanted to experience impacting on a small group, which was birds. This will also have an impact on bird life by providing food for them. A positive impact by demonstrating how we can upcycle and inspire other people to be kind to animals and the environment. I learnt that […]

A History of Historians

For this ignite week, I chose to write a research paper on famous historians that have changed the course of the study. I chose it because I have a strong interest in writing and researching, and it worked out cause it was really fun to write. I learned about the hardship of people, and what […]