Project Collision Reflection

nvolved me, Ryan, and Austin demonstrating to 4th graders just how dangerous running in the hallway can be. For example, the first law of motion was about the law of inertia, meaning that an object in motion will stay in motion, and an object in rest will stay at rest. Me and Ryan ran around a hallway corner at a high speed, consequently colliding and falling to the floor.
Newton’s second law states that a=F/m, meaning that the acceleration of an object depends on the net force and the mass of that object. For instance, a person trying to push a truck by himself will most likely turn out to be unsuccessful because the mass of the truck is far more than the mass of the person. Newton’s third law states that very object will have an equal and opposite force, meaning that if one person hits the wall, that the person will experience pain, due to the fact that the amount of force the person has transferred to the wall has been brought back to the person who was acting upon the force.
In this unit, the thing that challenged me the most was the scale drawings. This is because most of the time I was focusing on constructing the hydroponics instead of working on my scale drawings. Next time, when doing something like this I should focus on getting my current work done before fixing older work.

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