Sustainable Dog House

We pick this project because everyone all have had dogs, and we also want to build something unique, so we brainstormed some ideas, and we ended up building a waterproof dog house by using used cardboard. I learned a lot about creativity and innovation, along with the skills of building structures and painting. And if […]

Unknown Story

I chose this Ignite project because I wanted to practice my writing skills, since I enjoy writing but am really bad at it. I was able to learn how to describe areas, and give more visuals in a story with out pictures. If I were to do this again I would probably choose a shorter […]

Passion Animation

I chose this Ignite week project because I had done this type of thing before, and I had already made two animations in this Tomato Cry series. Me and my partner Alex had been discussing this video a long time ago, and we just never really had the time to make a third video. Until […]

Laser Cut Tags for Tools In FA

I originally choose this project, but when mine didn’t work out well, this was a good alternative. I really enjoyed the process of the project I ended up doing. I think that it really put my laser cutting skills to test. I learned how to use illustrator to tweak designs and make them eligible for […]