High School Parent Zoom Meeting February 20

Dear Parents,

I thank you for your feedback and support for eLearning over the past 2.5 weeks of school. This is certainly not how we planned on starting school after Chinese New Year but we are working everyday to engage students, support their learning, and hear back on how we are doing.

I would ask you to join us at 9:00 am – 10:00 am (Beijing Time) on February 20, 2020 in an online meeting to hear about what is going on at school and allow you to ask some questions. You can submit question by clicking HERE so that we can prepare answers in advance.  We will be discussing:

Updates from the Principal on eLearning and survey results from students.

How to support eLearning in your house and supporting your children’s social and emotion needs.

Course Selection updates – how students will sign-up for 2020-21 classes.

IB Updates – sharing how we have been supporting our IB students.

Question and Answer Time – Share your questions


Here is the link to join the meeting tomorrow morning:

Zoom Meeting Address



I hope you can attend.  If you are unable we will record the event and post it on Dragon’s Gate with the slides to the presentation.

Best regards,

David Munro

High School Principal

Staying Connected to ISB

Dear Parents,

I hope all is well and that you are safe and settled with your family.  As you know the school is not open for face-to-face learning at the moment. We have started our first day of E-Learning as outlined in Mr. Hurworth’s recent email sent to the community. If you go to Dragon’s Gate you will find all recent messages and guidance. They can be found HERE. This will give you the guide to how we are dealing with a short to medium term closure of the school. Please be reassured that our students and teachers have been engaging with E-Learning since the beginning of the year on Dragon’s Exchange . We have used this platform to support our IB and non-IB students with engaging and interatctive activities.

We do ask that students stay engaged and online to the best of their abilities.  We would like to know that they are staying connected with class activities.  We will be checking their attendance by their interactions with their teachers.

Our IB students are being supported by their teachers online.  We ask that students meet deadlines that have been set by their teachers.  This will ensure that they are not behind when we resume classes.

You are always welcome to share questions and concerns with me through email. I can be reached at dmunro@isb.bj.edu.cn

Please know that your safety and health is our number one concern.  We will work together through this difficult time and emerge stronger for the experience.

Good luck in supporting your daughter and son’s learning.

Best regards,


Important Parent Education Workshop

Dear Parents,

Please take a look at this important learning opportunity for our parent community.  Please read the description and try to find a time that would suit your schedule.  We hope to see you at one of these sessions.




Nurturing Our Students’ Journey: Our Role in Sexual Health Education

Carolyn and Ted Temertzoglou 

Wednesday November 6, 6:30 pm 

AND Thursday November 7, 8:30 am  

(same session twice) 


Place: 1226/1227 (Back of the Library next to the High School Office)

Sign up Here 

The development of our students’ life skills is a shared responsibility and partnership amongst parents and educators. The topics will include how to share your family’s values around healthy relationships, communication, self-advocacy, and consent.  

This presentation will address the following questions:  

  • What topics should I consider broaching with my preteen and teenager at what age? What are the most crucial messages that they need to hear from me, their parent 
  • This conversation is uncomfortable! How do I start? What are some common teachable moments? 
  • What are some common pitfalls when parents try to have this conversation, and how can I avoid them? 
  • What are reasonable boundaries I can set that will help my preteen/teenager stay safe? 


  Carolyn teaches health & physical education in the teacher education program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto. Through her many years of experience as a teacher, department head and curriculum writer, she helps educational institutions develop quality health & physical education programs. Carolyn is the recipient of Ontario’s Physical & Health Education Association Outstanding Contribution Award for her work in health & physical education. 



Ted is a health and physical education teacher and Vice President of Teacher/Student Success at Thompson Educational Publishing. He works with ministries of education, International Schools, school boards and teachers to implement UNESCO’s Quality Physical Education Guidelines. He is the recipient of the R. Tait McKenzie Award, Physical & Health Education Canada’s most distinguished award. 





Supporting Your Teen

Dear All –

Recently we had a visit from one of our partners, Freedom From Chemical Dependency (FCD).

They shared with us some tips on how to work with your daughter’s and son’s around the topic of alcohol.  I wanted to share an article that they recently published and they included some useful tips for parents.  Please read the article and let me know if you have any questions or comments at dmunro@isb.bj.edu.cn


David Munro

High School Principal

Healthy Family Rules:
What Once-Permissive Parents Can Do To Prevent
Risky Teen Drinking At Home
Health-based rules for healthy kids
What is permissive parenting? How does it relate to teen drinking, and how can it impact kids’ health?
The permissive parenting style places low demands on children and provides them with few guidelines and little structure. Research shows that children raised under permissive parenting styles may have less self-discipline, poorer decision-making skills, and be at higher risk than their peers for developing substance use disorders.
Why rule setting matters
Parenting behavior that includes setting, communicating, and enforcing clear and consistent non-use rules can help to keep young people healthy.
Students who learn about the risks of alcohol and other drug use from their parents, or who have parents who clearly tell them use is unacceptable, are far less likely to use and get into trouble with substances. Data from the FCD Student Attitudes and Behavior Survey, the most robust international database of its kind, clearly demonstrates that high school students whose families hold clear rules about alcohol and other drug use are less likely to report both annual and monthly use of alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine compared to students without these rules at home.
You’re not alone     
If you’re worried about being the odd parent out when you set such rules, put that fear aside. The vast majority of our students tell us that their parents do have rules about substance use.
Data from the FCD Student Attitudes and Behavior Survey shows us that, from 2009 to 2019, among 96,000 9th-12th graders in 39 countries, 87% agree that their “parents have clear rules about alcohol and other drug use.”
Additionally, most students taking the FCD survey who report clear rules about substance use in their families also report that they have not used alcohol in the past year. Most students are healthy, and your rules as a parent do make a difference.
Making rules stick

The rules caretakers set and keep can be reinforced further by authoritative, active parenting steps that encourage teens to respect these healthy family practices.
The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism offers the following suggestions to parents who want to bolster the impact of the healthy rules they set about teen drinking:
  • Talk to your teen early about your family rules regarding alcohol use. This conversation should respectful and present the rules in a clear and concise manner.
  • Be consistent when enforcing the rules.
  • Get to know the parents of your child’s friends, so you can all be aware of when and where your teens are gathering.
You may also find it useful to share your family rules with other supportive parents who you trust. When it comes to keeping your kids healthy, you have every right to ensure that your family rules apply to your child at home and outside of it. Even parents who hold different rules for their children are very likely to respect your wishes for yours.
Open communication between families can keep kids safe when your child visits a friend’s house or when their friends spend time in your home. Keeping in touch with other parents about your rules sets up a respectful dynamic in a community and deepens the healthy impact your rules can have on your child and their peers.
Walking the walk 

The example you set is yet another vital enhancement to your household rules on alcohol and other drug use for teens’ health benefit.
Parents can:
  • Initiate and welcome frequent, non-judgmental, and honest communication about the risks of alcohol use by teens
  • Show teens that it’s possible to have fun, relieve stress, and celebrate important occasions without the use of alcohol, especially in social settings
  • Address and change any adult alcohol or other substance use behavior in the home or family that may jeopardize health or wellbeing, such as intoxicated driving by a parent
  • Be clear about why expectations may be different for teens and adults when it comes to alcohol use.
Keep learning with your teen 

All parents know that this journey of parenthood doesn’t come with a handbook. To keep your rules current with what is healthiest for your kids, it is important that you, yourself, keep learning!
Adolescents who learn about the risks of early alcohol use from their parents are less likely to use. As you set rules, you can also learn more about, and share, why these rules are protective.
First, consider sharing information about any family history of addiction with your kids. Providing them with this knowledge, in an age-appropriate way, can be protective, informing them that they are particularly vulnerable to the disease due to a genetic predisposition. Not only will sharing this information encourage delayed use, it will also convey that substance use disorder is a health issue that can be safely discussed in your home.
Second, remember that it’s okay when you don’t have all the answers! Model media literacy by opening up the laptop with your teen and researching information from a credible source. Take the time to stay up-to-date with health-based information about alcohol and other drugs to help guide family conversations and to correct teen misperceptions.
To learn together, check out the following health-based resources about alcohol and other drugs and prevention with your teen:
Your rules keep kids healthy 

At FCD, we highly respect the role of parents in prevention. You are on the frontlines, doing the work day-in and day-out to raise a healthy family. We applaud you!
Although the topic of alcohol and other drug use prevention may seem daunting at first, your children will benefit from your active engagement with this topic as a family. By setting rules, modeling healthy behavior, and remaining informed, parents can take successful steps to ensure the health and wellness of their teens.

High School Parent Coffee

Dear Parents,

You are invited to the upcoming High School Parent Coffee on Thursday September 26th from 8:30 am to 10:00 am in the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room).  We will be highlighting what is new at ISB this year and giving you an insight into what some of our practices are that support student learning at ISB in the High School.

We will look at:

High School Goals for the Year

Refreshed Mission and Vision

IB Results

Counseling Updates

Grade Reporting Improvements

Student Musical Performance


We hope that you are able to attend and share the exciting new work that we are doing this year at ISB.

See you soon!

Mr. Munro

High School Principal

Feedback Request

Dear Parents,

Thanks to those of you who came to back to school night last night. Hopefully you gained some insight into what the years will be like for your daughters and sons.  Our goal was to give you an overview of the course, the workload, and how communication will take place this school year.  Our added session on mentoring was a new session this year.  We wanted you to know what our purpose for mentoring is in the ISB High School and for you to connect to the mentor teacher.  Please know that building relationships with your sons and daughters is one of the most important steps we can take to ensure a successful year.

If you attended the sessions for back to school night we encourage you to give us some feedback on your experience.  We would like to capture some of your feedback to help us to improve and for us to write an article about your experience.  Please click HERE and give us some feedback.

Thanks –

David Munro

High School Principal

Last Two Weeks of School

Dear Parents,

We are getting close to the end of the school year and we want to keep you up to date with what your daughters and sons will be doing.

Grade 11:

Starting on May 31st – June 6th all grade 11 students will begin final exams.

Students do NOT have to attend any classes during the exam schedule time.

Grade 9 and 10:

Students attend regular classes until exams begin.

Starting on June 4th – June 10th all grade 9 and 10 students will begin final exams.

Students do NOT have to attend any classes during the exam schedule time.

You can see all scheduled finals on the link below.



The schedule linked below will be for grade 9, 10, and 11 students on June 10-13.

Schedule for Last week of High School 2019

If you have any questions about the end of year or exams please write me at dmunro@isb.bj.edu.cn


Have a great end of the year!


David Munro


Last High School Parent Coffee

Dear Parents,

Thank you in advance for your amazing support this year. I have enjoyed engaging with you and hearing your feedback on school this year.  We will host our last High School Parent Coffee on Thursday April 25th from 8:30 am to 10:00 am in the MPR.  We will review the year, give some special thanks for your support, share a look at some changes in store for next year, and celebrate some of our students’ amazing accomplishments.  If you ever wonder why you send your sons and daughters to ISB come and see on Thursday what amazing things they do.

As the school year comes to a close I will give you a few reminders.

  1.  Watch your daughters and sons schedule and make sure they get enough sleep. We encourage them NOT to take their computers into their rooms as it can lead to work and socializing to interrupt a good night sleep.
  2. Make sure they continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly.  Sometimes when work builds up students need to relieve stress by taking a break.
  3. Finally, students tend to have a lot of social occasions at the end of the school year.  Make sure you know where your sons and daughters are staying on the weekends and if there are parents at home.  Make sure you talk to parents who are hosting your children to make sure someone is at home and clarify rules about drugs and alcohol before they go out.  ISB has a zero tolerance policy and a random drug testing program.

Thanks for your ongoing support and feedback. I look forward to seeing you this Thursday at our Coffee Morning.  Please email if you have any questions or concerns at dmunro@isb.bj.edu

David Munro

High School Principal

Course Selection and spring is in the air!

Dear Parents,

I hope that you are able to attend Parent Teacher Conferences on March 25th and 26th.  Hopefully you can engage in some constructive conversations about how your daughters and sons can improve their learning based on the feedback you receive.  The discussions can be based upon where they are currently in their learning and asking teachers for support on what steps students can take next to improve.

On March 27th at 8:15 am all students in grades 9-11 must turn in their Course Selection form to the Counseling Office.  This will help us build the schedule for the upcoming year.  Students have been given forms and they need a parent signature to process the form. The Course Guide can be found HERE if you want to look at the courses on offer.

As spring approaches there are many social occasions hosted by school and many put on by students.  When students are hosting their own gatherings I encourage you to know where your daughters and sons are on the weekend and check in with other parents about where your kids are visiting.  Always call to see if there is adult supervision and if there will be alcohol available.  Often time students tell their parents that they are ‘staying at a friends place’ and it turns out that they went out without parent permission.  We hope that you can help our students stay safe on the weekends.

Please contact us if you have any questions.  My email is dmunro@isb.bj.edu.cn

Best Regards,

David Munro

High School Principal


Help Engage in Mission Vision Work

The Office of Learning will host a week of drop in hours for you to give feedback and perspectives on ISB and the future ISB.  The Office of Learning room 2325 will be open to all parents from Monday, Feb. 11th to Friday, Feb. 15th between 8:30am and 10:00am.


This is our last opportunity to gather your perspective and thinking, so please join us on the day that works best for you! There will be prompts in English and Chinese that you can respond to at any time those days to give your perspectives about ISB.


Drop by to add your voice and perspective to this important work.


If you would like more background to this work, please read this letter sent out several weeks ago from Communications.