Monthly Archives: January 2016

Semester 2 Begins

This has been a truly amazing semester at ISB in the High School. Half of the school year has passed and there are more great learning experiences to come. My family has settled in to life at ISB and Beijing with the help of the warm and welcoming school community. I thank you for making us feel like part of this truly special school. I will spend some time in Canada and then return to Beijing to get ready for school. I hope you will get to spend this holiday with your family and have a restful break.

School will restart on the morning of Monday, January 11th, 2016. Semester one courses continue for the first two days after the break. Students who are completing single-semester courses will need to return any borrowed resources to their teachers on that Monday or Tuesday. Semester 2 then starts formally on Wednesday, January 13th. Semester 1 report cards will be posted on Dragon’s Gate at 4pm on Friday, January 22nd.

Book Club Date Change –

I am excited to share our book together in the new semester.  I am unable to meet on the morning of Tuesday January 12 as I am returning from teacher recruitment that morning and I cannot guarantee I will be on time.  I would like to reschedule to Thursday January 14 at 9:00 am. We will meet in the High School office.  Let me know if you can still meet at that time.  Thanks for your understanding.


Upcoming events this month:


15-16 China Cup

18 Class Photos


22 Report Cards posted

25 IB Music Recital

27-30 APAC


28-30 ACAMIS