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Dear All –

Thanks for your support and feedback up to this point on the ISB High School.  We hope that the recent Progress Report for your son or daughter provided valuable feedback on how they are doing and next steps forward.  We are heading into the Chinese New Year holiday next week and I wish you all a great break.

We have a visiting group called Freedom From Chemical Dependency on campus this week. They are doing work with all of our students this week in assemblies or small group meetings. I would encourage you to attend tomorrow’s meeting:

FCD Week to Raise Drug and Alcohol Awareness

As part of our health education and substance use prevention efforts, we have invited specialists from FCD Prevention Works to visit the High School in the week beginning January 28. FCD is a non-profit organization that provides alcohol, nicotine, and other drug education to schools around the world. They will give a presentation to parents on how to engage your teen at home on the subject of drugs and alcohol in the MPR from:  10:00 am to 11:30 am on Tuesday, January 29.

Thanks for your support and never hesitate to write to me with questions, concerns and positive feedback at:

Happy Chinese New Year!

David Munro

High School Principal

Brain Based Learning

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a restful or adventurous break with your sons and daughters as the first half of the year was full of lot’s of activity at school.  I just wanted to remind you all that we have a great presentation next week on Brain Based Learning from Marie Alcock.  Dr. Alcock is here to work with teachers on interdisciplinary course work and to share her expertise on Brain Based Learning. You can see her bio HERE.

She will be presenting next Wednesday January 23 at 6:30 pm in the MPR.  A description of her presentation can be seen below:

What does the latest brain research tell us about how students learn best? This session explores some of the brain research available and presents the connections to curriculum and instruction. Participants will look at literacy development in the brain, how to teach comprehension directly to the brain, and what is different about brains today, and the impact on curriculum designs.

We hope that you can join us on Wednesday to see the future of learning.

David Munro

High School Principal