Forever Gone

Artwork by Trinette W.

By Stephanie Du

Looking into those emerald green eyes,
Slowly closing,
Her last moments of life.
Salty rivers flow down my face,
Like a waterfall rushing down.
I reach out to stroke the once silky calico fur,
Only now bedraggled and soaked in scarlet blood.
I feel as if I’m torn into pieces,
Only to wish being blown away by the harsh winds.
So I can forget all the pain and misery,
Forget this loss, forget everything.
Hot tears land into the fur,
Seeping in,
Like the drizzle of a steady humid rain.
Again her eyes deep and knowing,
Stared into mine,
Telling me something important,
Telling me that everything’s okay.
She mewls softly,
And licks my hand.
Her warm sandpapery tongue against my skin,
Telling me she still loves me,
Now, tomorrow, forever.
Her breathing became ragged and shallow.
Her eyes now tight shut
Her little paws went limp.
Her time has come.
Death segregating her from me forever.
I watch her,
Tears falling steadfast like rain
Until she was no more.

Adios, My Love. Adios.

By Sherry Tong

The day has come, the day I’ll never understand why it exists.
I take a look behind me; I don’t see what I want to see
And who I want to see.
I try to remember the place, where we used to cry,
I try to memorize how this place looks,
Looking into every corner, as if a small detail would escape from my eyes.
I turn around, knowing that I might not be back again,
Walked into the gate,
And watched it slowly drift us apart.
Now I am, here alone,
Sitting here looking out of the window.
Few hours later,
As I step on the plane,
Throwing all my memories away.
Then I get lift up the ground, imagining everything else is long gone.
I look out the window and all I see is clouds,
Decorating the blue sky with care.
I look in front of me and all I see is a divider,
Separating me from everything else.
I look into my heart and all I see is you,
Smiling at me as if nothing has ever happened.
I slowly fly across the ocean,
Realizing I couldn’t turn back anymore.
Adios, my love. Adios.


Artwork by Trinette Wong


It’s The Day we’ve been dreading.
Summer’s ended, and school begins in a week. Only yesterday, Mom took me to buy all the necessary items for the new school year–a bookbag, writing utensils, lined paper. You offered to come with me, but I refused. It’s too depressing to think that you won’t be needing anything here, because you’ll buy all your materials in another place. Another city.
Already, the weather has cooled. Wind whips about me and tugs insistently at my arms, cinched around my middle. As I trudge down the street, I yank my hairband off and smooth my hair down around my neck. It’s thin, but a source of warmth, and will have to do to replace the scarf you gave me, the one I forgot at home on the dresser. Continue reading “Drift”

The Dark Night

Artwork by Branimir Jaredic


By Stephanie Marie Pace

Walking down the steep hill, I looked away from the empty, dark, dark side.

I have always hated the darkness. There was no light other than my weak flashlight and Anna’s strong one.

“The movie sucked!” We said, trying to distract ourselves.

“Yeah I know! It sucked!” Stephanie G. agreed.

“Don’t forget the special plans!” Anna said. Continue reading “The Dark Night”


By Gauri Kaushik

Artwork by Amanda Mabel
Beautiful cherry blossom trees,
I hear the buzz of bumblebees.
The wind so wavy,
Gentle as a baby.
The open blue sky,
The birds go by.
The tiny green pointy grass,
I hear a wind chime made from glass.
I feel so good,
Nature is beautiful is what today I understood.


By Chelsea Liu

Artwork by Trinette W. (Grade 8)
Darkness falls
The starry cloak
Veils the world
In mist
The day is a dream
And I slumber with
My eyes
Sinking into shadows
I live in the night
And the night lives inside
My mind
I haunt the alleys
Whispers in
A silent street
Tiptoe down my spine
A soft confession
Scared of the light
And afraid
To let go
Of the darkness within