The Dark Night

Artwork by Branimir Jaredic


By Stephanie Marie Pace

Walking down the steep hill, I looked away from the empty, dark, dark side.

I have always hated the darkness. There was no light other than my weak flashlight and Anna’s strong one.

“The movie sucked!” We said, trying to distract ourselves.

“Yeah I know! It sucked!” Stephanie G. agreed.

“Don’t forget the special plans!” Anna said.

“Sure. I would never forget that plan! It’s so cold!” I said, my teeth chattering. The morning was warm at the campsite and ropes course but the night was freezing!

Suddenly, I saw the light getting stronger, so Stephanie G., Anna, and I screamed as loud as we could, thinking about ‘Slender Man’ some computer game creepy person that has no face.

“Okay, I am going back to the dorms.” Stephanie G. announced, but before she could go, someone tapped me on the shoulder and I screamed, so everyone screamed with me. When I looked back, I saw a “round” figure and a flashlight on his head……….

Opps, it was Casper, not some evil stalker.

“Why wearing a flashlight on your head, person?” I yelled at him, annoyed.

It was not like me to scream like a little girl. “Yea! It’s not like you’re working in mines or something!” Stephanie G. Agreed. Anna nodded looking annoyed too.

“What ever. I can’t believe you guys really thought I was an evil stalker or something like that!” Casper said, looking pleased with himself.

I rolled my eyes. Boys, boys, boys, always so sneaky.

“Come on!” I muttered and I started to run toward the girls tenting area with Anna and Stephanie G. right at my heels.

“Hey! Wait for me!” Casper yelled.

Anna and I got our toiletries while Stephanie G. yelled at us to hurry up.

As we ran back up the hill, I kept on sensing someone behind us, but I never dared to look back when I suddenly heard a “Hi!!!” We screamed our heads off while I whacked who ever it was on the face.

“Ow-w! What was that for?” The person yelled at me as I looked back…………………

It was Sung. “Sorry!” I muttered “Thought you were someone else.”

“Yeah! We thought you were Slender Man!” Stephanie G piped in.

“You thought I was SLENDER MAN?” Sung asked eyebrows raised.

“Well yea! And what were you doing, wearing your grey hoodie up, no flashlight, and looking down so no one could see your face!?!?” I yelled at him as the girls and I headed up towards the dorms.

“P S! You’re going the wrong way Sung!” Anna called after him as Stephanie G. yelled, “You’re going the wrong way, dude!” at the same time.

At the dorm I brushed my teeth and washed my face; the water was icy cold.

Anna and I ran the way back and I was never so glad in my life to enter a freezing tent that might have a swarm of bugs in it.

After Anna and I  re-showered the whole tent with mosquito repellent, we remembered our special plans. “Anna, it’s 10 o’clock! Lets start!” I hissed

“‘Kay! One…..Two…….Three!” Anna let out a blood curdling scream, I yelled, “Anna! Are you alive?” Anna let out a convincing moan and Angeline yelled, “SLENDER MAN IS HERE!” Then Vannia screamed, “HEL-” and flopped back on the sleeping mat.

“Well, that was fun!” I whispered to Anna.

“Yeah, we totally convinced the boys slender man was here. ”Anna replied, giggling.

“Ha ha, now we can all throw apples at them.” I half joked.

Then suddenly everyone in Angeline’s tent screamed “Centipede! Help!”

I heard,: “Hey! Is that a grasshopper?”

“Ooh! Cute ladybug!”

“How are we going to sleep?!?!”

“I’ll get it! ”Anna yelled at their direction.

I must’ve given her a ‘are you crazy look’ because she shrugged and said “It will shut them up.”

“Whatever, the only thing I know is I’m not going to be the one who catches the centipede.” I muttered as Anna jumped out of the tent.

“Oh there it is! I see it! AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”

“Guys! I got the ladybug and the grasshopper out!”

“Then get the centipede!”

“Where is it?”

“I can’t find it!!!”

“Whatever, then bye!” Anna replied cheerfully as she ran back to our tent.

“Wait! I think I just saw it!” Angeline screamed.

“What? Well, I can’t help you!”

I don’t really know if the other tent got the centipede out, they said it either got out, or it got squashed.

One thought on “The Dark Night

  1. Well, it’s an adequate portrayal of the mentoring trip, I suppose. Did you finish this piece before submitting it? Your ending seems a little… off-kilter.

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