Adios, My Love. Adios.

By Sherry Tong

The day has come, the day I’ll never understand why it exists.
I take a look behind me; I don’t see what I want to see
And who I want to see.
I try to remember the place, where we used to cry,
I try to memorize how this place looks,
Looking into every corner, as if a small detail would escape from my eyes.
I turn around, knowing that I might not be back again,
Walked into the gate,
And watched it slowly drift us apart.
Now I am, here alone,
Sitting here looking out of the window.
Few hours later,
As I step on the plane,
Throwing all my memories away.
Then I get lift up the ground, imagining everything else is long gone.
I look out the window and all I see is clouds,
Decorating the blue sky with care.
I look in front of me and all I see is a divider,
Separating me from everything else.
I look into my heart and all I see is you,
Smiling at me as if nothing has ever happened.
I slowly fly across the ocean,
Realizing I couldn’t turn back anymore.
Adios, my love. Adios.

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