By Michelle Z.

Eventually, they tell her.
The pain would fade,
As she lay on the bed, staring wistfully out of the window.        
Eventually, they say,
She would heal, from the wounds of hurt and shock,
But the hopes from their words do nothing.
She misses him, every single day.
The storm of sorrow consuming her grows stronger every moment.
Eventually, they give up and leave her, one by one.
Now, not a single visitor is here.
Not that she notices, anyways. She stares out of the window every day,
Convinced that he will come back for her, eventually.
A year later, he still has not.
Her hopes do not fade.
Two year later, he never came.
He comes in her dreams, but not in reality.
She lies in bed, her life with him she reflected,
He left her to fall victim to disease, while her riches he stole.
Why does she still love him?
She has given up, yet some part of her still believes he will come.
She nearly gone now, at the verge of death,
Yet she still waits. He will definitely come.

Mail; In the Mind of A Three-Year Old

By Calia Z.

“The mail goes in
The blue box
At the end
Of the street.
There is a man,
Who comes
And empties
The box.
Who takes
All the mail
To the
Post office.
Where it
Is sent
On a plane
Or a train
Or a boat
To it’s
Where it rides
In a truck
Or on a bike
To the person
It’s meant for.
And that, Jimmy, how the mail works.”


By Calia Z.

Breathing heavily, I ran from the streets into the alleyway I called home. The rain was coming down hard, and there were people rushing toward their houses on Main Street. Rain was my favorite weather. It feels like my name, Serenity. I only know my name from the words engraved on the locket I was left with. The words on the locket were the only thing that gave me an identity, Serenity Dawn Ebony. I don’t know where I’m from; I was abandoned with only a blanket and a locket to know who I was. I’m living of begging and finding whatever I could. Of course, the only thing I ever wanted could never be begged for or found in the street. I want a family, a true family. Continue reading “Serenity”

The Night Kings

By Sayde P.

Up and down the road,
The pavement glimmers as the eye blinding sun peeps through the mountaintops,
they hide in corners,
on doorsteps,
they mope up and down the streets,
dragging their tails,
refusing to show their faces
They stay away from people
yet people still cross the road as they approach these creatures,
the same creatures that snuggle up next to you on the couch,
the same creatures that are considered to be “mans best friend”
The sun falls and the bat-like dogs awaken from their daylong naps,
it is like entering a whole new world,
the dogs quickly switch their faces,
they now walk boldly, with no hesitation,
the people stay inside, too scared to venture out into the dog filled street,
the dogs are in charge,
They are the night kings,
they rule the street.

Death Riders

By Brandon Z.

The time they came was dusk. They captured the children for their evil plans; the guards fired up the spotlights around the compound and did their best to stop the nightly captures. My heart was pounding as I felt toward the compound in the greenery, my eyes were watching around but my ears picked the sound of their snarling pets. I picked up speed but then there they were gaining on me as the rumbling sounds of their Harleys grew. They pulled out there tranquilizer guns so that they could capture the kids, but this time they had something else rocket launchers that shot nets that captured the kid running next to me and shocked him into submission. I ran through the greenery and broke through the branches as I picked up speed towards the compound. I was almost there but they were gaining 20 meters, 10 meters I was lunging towards the door before I felt the cold metal of the net on my back. Continue reading “Death Riders”