By Sherry T.

I think about everything in the dark midnight,
When everything seems, so blurry and nice.
It’s like my life is such a nice movie,
Where everyone comes to watch,
Including me.
It is like the saddest show but,
Everyone laughs.
I try to fake one but it just sounds funny,
So I give up on the thought.
Life is like a well,
I hang on to something,
And in the plain darkness I meet somebody,
I reach out for help but they shake me off hastily.
Repeating for numbers of times,
I finally meet you, realized what is hope.
And now here I am,
Homeless sitting in the middle of a street
Wondering where I have gotten myself.
Probably, I am lost.
Probably, I am hopeless.
But do I deserve this?
You tell me.

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