By Sherry T.

Don’t know starting when,
You matter to me.
I don’t care if it’s the smallest movement you make,
it still carves into my mind.
Every time I get depressed,
You were always there.
I see the worried look in your eyes
When you watch a tear roll down my face.
Looking at you always makes me better.
And I’ve hurt you too much.
Don’t know starting when,
I find myself not caring anymore.
But every time I see you,
What you brought to me always rushes to my brain.
Tack-its on the wooden door,
The frown on your pretty face,
The warmness in your beautiful eyes.
Everything seems so familiar,
Except it’s not at the same time,
Not with the same feelings,
Not with the same heart.
I’m so desperate in need of you in my life,
And I’ve hurt you too much.
I’m sorry.

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