My Ultimate Phobias

By Karina Z.

Everyone has fears, some stranger than others,
such as fear of belly buttons, or of strings.
Phobias are passed down or developed,
My first one grew because of an apidae’s sting.
I flinch and wince whenever hearing their buzz,
Glancing on their stripes makes me quiver yet freeze.
Slowly scrunching shoulders, to hide my bare neck,
Many have apiphobia, fear of bees.
Trypophobia: fear of clusters of holes,
itchy sensation, tingly impression.
Heart shivers and shudders, nerves tremble and twitch,
When seeing a bunch, causes aggravation.
My phobias you may think are somewhat strange.
Common fears are of bugs, the dark, or of heights.
Everyone has fears, some stranger than others,
Though when we face our dreads, we get quite a fright.

Sunrise, Sunset

By Rebecca C.

The start of a new day
The water is peaceful and tranquil
The smooth layer of sand untouched
The sun rises
Until it is high above my head
The water level increases
Tides pouring over the beach
Each grain of sand still sparkling
From the light coming from the sun
The peaceful day ends
The water becomes calm
But the layer of sand is scarred
Covered with footsteps everywhere
Waiting to be cleaned by the seawater at night

The Place Where It All Ended

By Joyce T.

There it was
As peaceful and mysterious
As it was before
The place where it all ended

The wooden house
It was where we all lived
I reminisce about those days
Yet they won’t ever come back

The fire blazed
A few wooden boards
Those are the only remnants of the house
Of that cozy house
I once lived in

I wish I could believe
But that spark of hope
It disappeared
When they all left
Left me on my own, alone

That light in the dark tunnel
It doesn’t exist
The candle in the night
It gets blown out

And as I sit
Here, under the starry sky
I wonder if it will ever be the same again.


By Sherry T.

Photography by Dominick Paoli
The gray sky blending with the walls,
I can’t seem to see what is falling.
Then I look down at the ground,
I see winter.
A huge open field covered with snow,
I open the doors,
A freezing breeze hit me,
But I continue to walk.
And I realized,
This is winter.
I stand for a few moments, I see you walking towards me.
The perfect white snow falls on your beautiful hair,
Like feathers falling on a flowing river.
I stand and stare, as if it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,
And it was.
I see you laughing in the breeze,
And now I notice,
This is winter.
Now that you’re gone,
I still stand and stare across the field.
I can recognize your footprints,
The way you walk,
The way you run.
I can picture you,
Laughing in the snow,
You were with your friends and I was
Standing alone.
What you did to me, which you will never know,
I am deeply in love with you…
No matter where you go.
And I know,
This is winter, this is snow.

Willow Tree


(dedicated to protectors of the environment)
A tree, lasts forever,
It sings to you with the flick of his leaves,
It looks at you under his face,
It’s always there when you need him,
He is a loyal companion.
But then, in a flash,
Men with spears and swords,
Swing their metallic weapons into war-like chaos.
The cackling, creaking and squeaking,
All disappears in a second.
And there it was my loyal companion,
Lying down on the soft little greens,
And now, my friend
Has gone with the wind,
And it’s spirit.

Psyche & Larvo’s Great Adventures! (pick your path, and their fate)


Larvo and Psyche are BF and GF. One day they decided that they were going mountain climbing on Mt Everest. Larvo is a werewolf so he act like a dog. On the top of the mountain a little boy throw a stick down the mountain Larvo followed the stick and he fell down the mountain. Psyche is a special kind of vampire that can turn into full bat and only grow bat wings. If Psyche (you) saves Larvo go to 5 if you don’t go to 12

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photography by Jarka
I’ll find my way
On lonely paths
Past river song
And find
Where I belong
I’ll run away
Before the dawn
In silver rain
And slip
Free of these chains
I’ll stand at bay
By whispering wind
To face my fears
And dry
These lingering tears