Psyche & Larvo’s Great Adventures! (pick your path, and their fate)


Larvo and Psyche are BF and GF. One day they decided that they were going mountain climbing on Mt Everest. Larvo is a werewolf so he act like a dog. On the top of the mountain a little boy throw a stick down the mountain Larvo followed the stick and he fell down the mountain. Psyche is a special kind of vampire that can turn into full bat and only grow bat wings. If Psyche (you) saves Larvo go to 5 if you don’t go to 12

A famous beautiful movie star asked Larvo out but he is BF to Psyche. If Larvo goes out with the movie star go to 1 if he didn’t go to 9


Psyche wants to go to a veggie restaurant but since Larvo is a Werewolf he wants meat and then they argued if a vampire bites a werewolf then they turn into a wolf forever. If you bite Larvo go to 7 if you don’t go to 3.


Once they went sky diving and Larvo is afraid of heights and Psyche says he is a wimp. If you slap Psyche go to 2 if you run away go to 6 if you Jump go to 11.


Larvo is afraid of the dark and they go to a haunted house and he doesn’t want to go in. If you Force him to go in go to 4, if you just go in by your self go to 8 if you say its ok and go do something he likes go to 10



  1. Too bad it was a test she broke up with you!! THE END DUH!!!
  2. Oh no she slap you back and she dumps you!!! THE END!!!
  3. Yay! He let you go to eat salad and he try some too!!!
  4. He thinks you are mean and dumps you!! THE END!!!
  5. Yay you saved him and he and you had a first kiss!!!
  6. She think that you are dumb and a wimp and dumps you!!!THE END!!
  7. Duh!! He’s a wolf THE END!!!
  8. He thinks you are rude and he is very sad. THE END!!!
  9. Psyche was watching and she is very happy because it was a test and the movie star is her BFF and Larvo passed the test!!
  10. OMG!! You are so nice!! He gives you new earrings when you are done doing the thing he likes!!
  11. Yay!! She thinks you are amazing!! And she kisses you!!
  12. You are so mean!! But a helicopter saved him and he is mad and he broke up with you!!!! THE END!!!!

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