The sky all blurry and gray,
No one got any words to say.
It’s floating up in the sky,
Bursting out all the bad times of your life.
The pieces of your heart you picked it up,
They were used to be smashed apart.
Slowly carefully, you did,
Glued them up.
And when you look up,
Look at the sky, you find:
A sliver of light bursting out.
Lights up the world,
That is what lights up your world.
That is your sun.
You say you’ll never be sad again,
‘Cause you found your sun.



Goodbye, too late
Red, cold
Cut open
Deep and gooey
 Cracked, cut
Felt faint
I touched him
Arm shaking, palm sweating
Warm skin, beating heart
Still, no life
Freezing cold
I loved him
Was sorry
Hurt, anger, rage
Punched tyre marks
A million cuddles

This is my found poem made from pages 196 to 197 from My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher. It describes Jamie’s sorrow and anger when he came home one day to find his beloved cat dead. My poem shows how Jamie tried to touch his cat but finding his fur feeling different; it was cold and dead. He remembers Roger when he had warm skin, a beating heart, and ribs vibrating with purrs. Roger had been killed because someone had run him over with their car. Roger’s side was “cut open. It looked deep and gooey” (Pitcher, Page 196). Jamie feels a great amount anguish as he kneels beside his dead cat, wishing that he could’ve spent more time with him. Now Jamie remembers when Rose died and Rose blown to bits. He finally felt sorrow for losing his elder sister because of Roger’s death. He had been worrying too much about his mum to care about Roger in their last few days together and Jamie regrets that a lot because Roger had disappeared from their cottage the previous night. The death of Roger helps Jamie realize how much Rose had meant to his father, because that was just how much Roger meant to Jamie.

Hurry, Hurry


Hurry, hurry, it whispers within the wind.
Why wait until the end,
to do activities for enjoyment?
You think time is plentiful,
freedom is attainable,
life’s always a breeze.
But youth is running out.
Hurry, hurry, it sighs through the soil.
Why wait until later,
to make strong relationships?
You think time goes forever,
persistence is everlasting,
life’ always stable.
But courage is running out.
Hurry, hurry, it screams across the sea.
Why wait more years,
to care for those who love you?
You think time passes slowly,
friendships can never change,
life’s always adaptable.
But hours are running out.
Hurry, hurry, it exclaims inside the inferno.
You’ve waited far too long,
when you should’ve been quicker, sooner, faster.
You thought time would stay,
feelings were infinite,
life was compassionate.
But flames eventually flicker out.



Flying over the world of yours,
I am now gone, but I never wanted to.
And I see the stars from above,
I wonder why?
They clash onto the Earth as if it doesn’t hurt,
They clash onto the Earth as if they won’t break or burn.
And I see the moon from above,
Orbiting the Earth and reflecting the light,
Making them think that moons actually shine,
And ignoring those who burn for the light.
And I see the sun from above,
I wonder why?
It burns itself just for others,
If it burns down everyone would blame it on it.
And for others,
It’s untouchable,
It stands alone.
And I look forward,
I’m almost there,
And I land of Mars,
Where there won’t be moons hurting the stars,
Where I could shine on my own,
On Mars.



Here is a Riddle that you will never figure out! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Mouse is 1 year younger than grasshopper
Minimole is younger than Guinea pig
Guinea pig is older than grasshopper
Cockroach is the same age as Ladybug
Hamster and Mouse is the same age
Hamster and Cockroach is 1 year apart
Beetle is 5 month older than Rat
Rat is the youngest of all
Bee is older than guinea pig
Ladybug is older than Beetle
Beetle is older then Minimole

Here is a hint…

Oldest: Bee



Burning fire.
Sears through identity,
Burning it away.
Losing self-control.
Flickering flames.
Smoldering embers.


BY Katharyn L.

She was beautiful. The color of her eyes glowed like the deep green in a rainforest; a color that I, as well as most nature lovers adored.

Her hair was bright and had a beautiful auburn shimmer that fell onto her head and crisp sandy waves like the ocean.

Her smile was big bold and beautiful. It curved on both sides of her pursed voluptuous lips, and her teeth were the definition of pearly whites.

The individual freckles on her rosy pink apples made me melt every time I saw her.

From her eyes right down to her toes, she was picture perfect.

I loved her,

but she disappeared

in a blink of an eye.