Death & Co.


Death & Co.

A small insight of Death and his instruments. A reference of anything mixed in with Death.  All labeled and accounted for. Still in working condition and sadly still used every single day.

(Dissected and torn apart bit by bit for the perception of you and I.)

Instrument #1 :  Murder

Someone studies it everyday

Just like a specimen;

It is a form of art

So carefully planned

Yet so recklessly


Instrument #2 : Murderer

Hands covered on the surface of a blood-splattered face

Hands wrapped around a petty key to a homicide

Already dead and already gone;

Just waiting for the guilt to leave;

Waiting for the pain to just


Instrument #3 : Victim (In relations with instrument #2)

Hands cover across face to protect themselves

Heart as a keyhole to a homicide

Almost dead and almost gone;

Just waiting for the reason why;

Waiting for the pain to just


 Instrument #4 : Suicide

I had a choice but

I figured this would work better;

They say it is not an option

To jump and fall

But I see no harm

In doing so anyways

Instrument #5 : Solitary

So this is what its like;

To be shoved into a box

And buried ten feet under

With no one else

To share the space with




Instrument  #6 : Losing

I swear you are still here;

Because I still remember

Every word

You said

And every raindrop

That fell

To go along

With your


Instrument #7 : Gone

The picture

Is right there

But you are


Defines as: somewhere else;

And I am both mad and sad because of it

How dare you take the title:


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