Adults always tell us

Over and over again

‘Be kind, be selfless

Treat those how you wish to be treated’

And I suppose we don’t ever get the message

Because nothing ever changes

That kid down the street

He dresses like they dress

He plays like they play

He speaks like they speak

But he doesn’t love like they love

And so he’s persecuted


That girl two lockers down

She walks like they walk

She smiles like they smile

She cries like they cry

But she doesn’t weigh what they weigh

And so she’s oppressed


That boy in math class

He thinks like they think

He works like they work

He draws like they draw

But he isn’t colored the way they’re colored

And so he’s tormented


That friend countries away

She laughs like they laugh

She bleeds like they bleed

She dances like they dance

But she doesn’t have clean wrists like they have clean wrists


And so she’s intimidated

Words are powerful

They can save or take a life

So choose them wisely


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