Slowly as the tides and the seas turn against me

As the earth below me rumbles and shakes

As the wind tries to cut through me

As everything I knew betrays me

Voices of the past start screaming in my ears for mercy

For peace.

Blood starts to blur my vision

The shadows start to close in

I can see them, sneaking in through the cracks

My senses dull and I am left in a haze

Losing my mind as the world spins

I finally realized that I can’t escape my demons for they know how to swim

The monsters I fear aren’t under my bed or in my closet

They’re in my head.

So I close my eyes

Feel fear conquer me

Watch as prayers die

Watch as angles fall

Watch as demons rise

As hell is unleashed

As I sink into the abyss

As I go mad

As the world I know ends

As I grow up.

Lucy Likes Pie


“I like pie!” Lucky exclaimed happily. “I only have it occasionally, and even then it’s still just tiny bits, but those tiny bits are great!” Which was true. Lucky loved pie. He noticed it as one of the foods that he rarely saw served, and noted that the word ‘dessert’ seemed to be somehow associated with it. Therefore he called it one of the very few ‘desserts’. Along with learning that the word ‘pie’ is referenced to this tasty treat, he had figured out what ‘cake’ and ‘cupcakes’ were, although these two seemed much more similar to each other. Pie was a different thing altogether, though it did still seem to be called a dessert.

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The Horse and The Donkey


The horse was always much too sure of himself, so it was no surprise at all when he was the first to place a bet on the upcoming marathon.  It was an annual tradition for all the horses in the barn to secretly gather around the farmer’s window to watch the humans run long distances for glorious prizes. The horses had never let anyone in on this betting secret, nor did they plan on doing so. This particular year, however, was different. Continue reading “The Horse and The Donkey”

Never Wake Up


On the calendar in a nearby house lies a series of swirly words glowing with bright red lines reading World War I on the date 1912. Eventually, those red words will evolve into a glowing and burning black hole in the calendar and turn it to ash.

A dusty wind blows the calendar forcing it to the year 1945. The year the calendar sees its fate.

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Bunny and Kitten


Bunny was energetic and love to explore new things. So it didn’t surprise anyone when Bunny wanted to join the party with the other farm animals and pets from Lilac farm.

“I want to try it out.” Bunny protested, “Do I have to be a pet or farm animal to go to the party?”

“Well,” Cow flicked his tail, “Bulldog always hosts these parties. He’s quite strict on who’s coming and who isn’t. Sorry Bunny, rules are rules.” Bunny looked crestfallen.

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