The Lion and The Tiger


The Tiger was strong and agile, but was very scared. The Lion was brave and agile, but not very strong.

And they both had a big problem.

      The Tiger couldn’t deny any challenge, even if it was as bizarre as jumping off a cliff! And the Lion had a gambling problem, he would bet on everything, even just eating a sandwich!

“I can’t believe they are doing this…” The Zebra sighs, lying on its lazy belly.

“You said it.” The Penguin replies, sliding down the ice at top speed.

“Nobody has ever tried this before, so I bet they can’t do it.” The elephant toots, giving itself a shower. But everyone knew they would do this challenge, and it would be the biggest one yet.

“We will start the race at 9 o’clock, after all of the people and tourists leave.” The Tiger declares, roaring to make it official.

“Alright, but not a second before.” The Lion licks it paw, which didn’t seem as impressive as the roar.

After everyone left, like they knew, it was 8:55. The tiger sat and waited, but he had this feeling that he needed to leave early, because the Lion was an inch closer to the food den.

“The Tiger will never know!” The lion laughs, but as quietly as he could. He was racing down to the food storage 4 minuets early! And he knew that he would win.

The Tiger waited until exactly 9 o’clock until he left, and he noticed that the Lion had already left.

“That cheater, he will definitely win now, but I have to try.” So the Tiger races after the Lion, even though he was going to lose.

The Lion was very close to the food stock, which made him very happy. It was not his fault he was a cheating, but the fault of his weak personality.

“I will definitely win, but Tiger should be racing now, so I have to keep my pace.”

It was 9:10, and The Lion was already at the food den. He shook his proud cheating head and clawed at the boxes.

The tiger was not that very far away from the food storage, but was very mad at the Lion for cheating. But the Tiger knew that the zookeeper would find the Lion in there because he dose not know how to open the food quietly.

“Who’s there?” The Lion whispers as he hears stomping coming into the storage room. As he is about to run out something shoots into his flank, and he feels very sleepy. “I think I should take a nap…”

It was 9:15, and the Tiger finally made it to the food storage, but the Lion wasn’t in sight.

“It Looks like I won, I knew cheaters never win.”


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