Slowly as the tides and the seas turn against me

As the earth below me rumbles and shakes

As the wind tries to cut through me

As everything I knew betrays me

Voices of the past start screaming in my ears for mercy

For peace.

Blood starts to blur my vision

The shadows start to close in

I can see them, sneaking in through the cracks

My senses dull and I am left in a haze

Losing my mind as the world spins

I finally realized that I can’t escape my demons for they know how to swim

The monsters I fear aren’t under my bed or in my closet

They’re in my head.

So I close my eyes

Feel fear conquer me

Watch as prayers die

Watch as angles fall

Watch as demons rise

As hell is unleashed

As I sink into the abyss

As I go mad

As the world I know ends

As I grow up.

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