August 22, 2156. Atlantis.

“Citizens of Atlantis! Today we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our city. Tonight there will be special festival to celebrate at Singing Sparrow Plaza! Everyone is invited!” The announcement vibrated throughout the crowd, invoking excitement. Holograms of Psych appeared from the tattoos on hands, friends arranging to attend the festival together. Jax stood at the edge of the boisterous crowd, glancing at his own tattoo. It was the symbol of Atlantis, a key, with extravagant designs adorning the sides. It stood for knowledge, freedom, and ability. Every citizen in Atlantis has one. The key blinked blue, and suddenly projected a hologram.



                                                     New message received


“Open message,” was the only response Jax gave.


Sender: Arvid

Title: Festival


Are you going to the festival? I heard that they are giving out free prizes! Can you come with me, please?


Jax was not amused. He still had homework to finish, due tomorrow. He didn’t have time to go and play when there was a test coming up. Arvid could find someone; he didn’t have time. “Reply,” Jax muttered.


Receiver: Arvid

Title: Re-Festival


Go yourself.

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The Bones of the Ancients


I was waiting for the train to come, and as I sat there on a dark brown bench ha ha ha you think you can find anything in Xian. You’ll never do anything great. There’s way more chance someone else will find something.  “TO XIAN!!” yelled the speaker. I was on my way to Xi’an, China to see the terracotta warriors and test out my luck at the same time. They said there was a hidden pit under some warriors; I was hoping there might be something there that would help me find my dream.

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Uhm Poem



It’s when bullets fell like heavy rain,

It’s when dead bodies covered the plain,

It’s when everyone’s heart were filled with pain,

It’s when peace was caged and locked in chains.


It’s when buildings burned in dark-red flames,

It’s when poisons were poured down the filthy drains,

It’s when disasters made the people insane,

It’s when tanks were driven on biking lanes.


It’s when bombs were hidden in passenger trains,

It’s when venom flowed in our unhealthy veins,

It’s when people started to buy cocaine,

It’s when the horrible death was no longer arcane.


It’s when terrorists hi-jacked cargo planes,

It’s when innocents were killed and slain,

It’s when the thick smoke made the colors faint,

It’s when hope was the only thing we can retain.

Animal Story


The sheep was an awful loner, so it surprised everybody when she announced she had a date for Valentines. It was the turkey’s idea to make a dance party where all animals dance with their dates and have fun. But the only thing is that each couple was to give each other presents and to other couples too. So the sheep has to earn enough money. But Sheep hated buying things for other people and her date only agreed to be couples when sheep said she would pay for all the prices. What can I do? Thought the sheep.

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