The Bones of the Ancients


I was waiting for the train to come, and as I sat there on a dark brown bench ha ha ha you think you can find anything in Xian. You’ll never do anything great. There’s way more chance someone else will find something.  “TO XIAN!!” yelled the speaker. I was on my way to Xi’an, China to see the terracotta warriors and test out my luck at the same time. They said there was a hidden pit under some warriors; I was hoping there might be something there that would help me find my dream.

Finally I was there at the terracotta warriors!!! It was an awesome sight I had only seen on postcards and T.V shows but it wasn’t this amazing: hundreds and thousands of terracotta warriors looking all in the same direction, even carts and horses! But none of them had weapons of any kind. Some people say that after the emperor died there was an uprising, and then the rebels took all the weapons from the terracotta warriors.


Then I bumped into someone “Oh I’m sorry, wait, are you Dr.Tyler?” said a man that was about in his mid 50’s, he had dark black eyes black hair and a small nose, and he was wearing a light green T-shirt with light green blue dots. “We’ve waited for you almost the whole day! It’s already 1:00pm! Come, let’s go get something to eat shall we? By the way I’m Dr. Huang the director of the dig.” So I followed Dr. Huang to his car then we went to this restaurant called De Fa Chang. As we sat down I noticed how there were other people coming to this table.  “Well you’re not the only one who is a part of this dig.” Said Dr. Huang, as each of them sat down. “This is Dr. Long, historian, and this is Dr. May, paleontologist, and here this is Dr. Atom, cryptologist, and also we have a record keeper, Dr. Ploler, and finally this is Mr. Jing our sponsor for this dig, We’re not just trying to find terracotta warriors, we’re also trying to find the empire’s tomb. It’s pretty hard to find, we’ve searched all around the site but there’s no sign of it, which seems pretty weird. The emperor once said that he wanted to be put to rest with his army beside him, so if his tomb is no where near the terracotta warriors we dug up, his tomb must been raided.”


Youuuuu will goooooo tooo Mt. Huashannnnn!  I woke up screaming in my bed, and after I calmed down I thought to myself “I have the whole morning so why not go to the place that my dream told me to go?”  I went down and ate a healthy breakfast of some fruits and a piece of bread.  I called a taxi and said, “Take me to, umm, a mountain called Huashan.” Then the driver replied, “Very good place for terrorist, um I mean tourist people.” it was choppy English but it was good for a Chinese taxi driver. You can never imagine how the drive there was like, horrible! He took the mountain roads and plus he drove FAST (I think he was speeding), he drove like he was being chased by the mutt-like monkeys from Catching Fire, there were sharp turns, emergency breaks, but the view was fantastic!

I finally got to Mt. Huashan, it was a wonderful place for sight seeing. I tripped on something and I looked back, there was a bump on the ground, I WAS RAGING (because those were my finest clothes) so I took out my foldable pick that I always carry around and in anger I just dug a hole in the ground for no reason, just when I was calming down my hand hit something hard and my pick broke and I was just about to rage again (because the pick that broke was my lucky pick that cost me a lot) when I thought twice and decided to see what the hard thing was, so I took out my awesome brush that also cost me a lot and started to uncover the bump. As I brushed the brown dirt off the bump I saw something shining, something that looked like gold. I started to brush even faster, then I saw it: a lever made out of gold that had patterns of dragons and old Chinese decorations on it. I pulled the lever and the ground in front of me just totally gave away, there was a trap door. I looked down, all I saw is a dark dark tunnel, gold everywhere, then I saw it-a pair of red eyes that were glowing in the dark…

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