By Lauren W

Once upon a time in ancient Greek myth there was a stupid cupid that were so good at archery. The cupid was hanging out with his friends. Their name were arrow and bow. They were great friends cupid. Cupid never had mistake in archery. He got champion cup from Seoul Olympic his major was about archery.

Cupid, arrow and bow were walking around lake. They were resting in the side of a tree suddenly Cupid asked bow and arrow.

“Who do you think is the best in three of us?”

Bow shouted, ” Hey people I am the best in whole universe and you guys don’t even know how to Hip-hop! If you guys want to be better than me? I think it will take more than 99900001112222333 years!”

Arrow disagreed he exclaimed, ” Seriously bow you boast. I think I am way better than you guys. I am smart also flexible, gorgeous, useful, and more… I think i am the best arrow in the whole world and I don’t boast or do something kind of like that. Whatever I am he best.

Cupid disagreed with the idea of arrow so he went up to arrow and told the arrow,

“You boast more than bow .You are the who boast more. Why do you love to boast? I don’t boast. But I am best in the world. Because I am kind god so everyone likes me. I am also part of human. Humans are smartest animal in the whole world. No one could be smarter than humans.”

So bow Cupid and arrow are planning to choose who is the best. They will going to shoot the man 5 meters apart from them. Cupid aim the man, bow crawled backwards arrow stretched his string. 1,2,3 the bow swooshed toward the man. Suddenly the man moved.  The Cupid’s bow went toward to other man who was sleeping in a bench! Suddenly the man hated everything. He hated his family, friends, cats, dogs and more!

‘That’s weird,’ thought Cupid. “I’ve never shot wrong person before…”

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