Ode to Fandoms

By Gabby A

Ode to my fandoms,

Where I feel I truly belong,

Where I could belt out a random book quote

And all my fellow fangirls would simply chime along.

Ode to my fandoms,

Oh the books I’ve read,

I’ve read them everywhere

From the library,

To my bed


Ode to my fandoms,

And my beautiful OTP,

You two me jump around my room

Screaming and squealing with glee


Ode to my fandoms,

These stories drive me insane

The intensity that I fangirl over my books

Is almost inhumane


Ode to my fandoms,

To all those that hate

From foolish old muggles

To ignorant pansycakes


Ode to my fandoms,

My parents say I’m crazy

Because I don’t think adventuring from page to page

Should be considered lazy


Ode to my fandoms,

These book series are the best

They all call me mental because I’m simply


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