The Pig Tale

By Billy R

“Pig was just sitting there reading his book at break. His book was about a little pig that had just been kicked out from his family when he was 3 years old. After about a year, he found himself an adoption center which he stayed there for about 2 years. Pig was absorbed deeply in that book until a pig from his grade came and tapped him. He asked if Pig wanted to play soccer but Pig nodded no. Pig continued reading his book. Pigg took Pigs book and set it on fire. Pig couldn’t believe it! He fell down sobbing. The schools principal came and picked Pigg up and pulled from his ear to his office. The flaming book touched a tiny tall grass and within seconds the entire soccer field was on fire. After about 30 seconds the fire station came and took the fire off. The fire came up again straight away and burned the entire place. Everyone survived. Pigg came out and kicked Pig’s bum. He murmured, “You dirt nugget!” and he walked to the PIG police station.

He was imprisoned for 7,000,000,000 years only! Pig couldn’t believe it! It was only a couple billion years! Pig went home and made his pet ant tell him why only that amount of years. AnT said that he didn’t know why. Then pig drove his pig bike to the PIG police station. He saw a saw and just ignored it. Pigg was in a prison cell and was munching on some hay for lunch. That hay was horrible! Pig slipped through the metal bars and got in the cell with Pigg. They read the book together and stayed together for the night. Who knew that being mean could lead to the biggest friendship ever, Pig thought. The next morning Pigg started crying to Pig. Pig felt sorry for Pigg. Pig went home and got the best bacocandy he could find. when he went back to the place that Pigg was in, he threw the bacocandy through the window with the metal bars. The bacocandy flew inside the prison and Pigg caught it. Then pig snuck back in the prison. When pig settled down, they had a very good time with the bacocandy and they were telling scary stories such as┬áthe purge. Then the guard suddenly came and in seconds pig had disappeared. Pigg pretended he was sleeping and Pig was right outside the window hanging. The guard walked away and that’s when everything started. Pig went home. He went back to the prison and he had a sliencer drill with him. He cut the metal bars and led Pigg out. Nobody noticed anything because the drill was a silencer. Pig bought a flight ticket to Pigg’s family, and they flew away to a different country. Since that day they had been exchanging Skype calls and mails. That was 75 years ago. It was time for pig’s funeral and Pigg was happy for his old best friend who snuck him outta jail. Pigg is now the richest living thing in the world and he just wishes he had his friend by his side.

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