Alex’s Truth/Lies

By Alex S

One real event and two fake ones.

Last year in seventh grade, Matthew shot me with a pellet gun and he hit me in the eye.

I once entered a video game tournament at my summer camp in Seattle and won $500 dollars. It was going on for two hours and everyone else got DQed besides Matthew and I. I then finally beat him in super smash bros with a finishing blast from my Kirby character knocking his Link character knocked off the map.

During summer time at New York, my cousin pushed me off my bed and I landed on a sharp piece of metal. It pierced my knee. I was in my room when he woke me up with a Blow horn next to my ear. “Wake up!”, then he pushed me off and I feel on the piece of metal. It cut my leg and it started bleeding a lot. I had to go to hospital and get the damaged muscle removed.

The Football Frenzy

By. Billy R

I don’t mean to brag but I happen to be Densel Robinsons final award-winning and lucky helmet.My color is blue and my friend Densel Robinson happens to be the best football player in the worlds universe right now.Football is my favourite sport also.He loves me more than anything and since I’ve been stuck on his head he hasn’t lost any matches with his team. The Boston Barells.The Boston barrels have been the best team this season and it’s running over.The last game of the season is not really far away and we have to win this if we want to take the trophy home for the 14th time.The barells love winning and then celebrating.Here in the U.S., the people that find out that someone won the go nuts.The team that will win becomes very famous and we have achieved that, 13 times.We want to go for a fourth but it’s hard the players are getting old and so is Densel. Densel said he will continue at least three years more. If and when he does I might become useless that’s one of the only things I’m afraid of.

I keep thinking about this problem and sometimes I think that no this can’t happen because I’m his lucky helmet, but some other times I think that he will throw me away and buy a new one when I become old.

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Anthony’s Tale

By Alyssa A

Anthony hate bees. But bees likes him. Coffees lighten him up every morning. Drugs disgust him. Elephants are too big for his car. Face painting is his specialty. Guns scares him. Hexagon is his middle name. iPod is his only friend.  Jumps to sleep, every night. Kite flying makes him think of wanting tie himself up on the kite, and ask someone to fly it for him. Llama once ate his socks. Meteor fell on him, but the grim reaper decided that he should have a chance to live because of his stupidity. Nauseous is what he gets, when twirling in his living room, nonstop. Octopuses try to suffocate him. Paper gave him a paper cut once and he didn’t stop crying, ‘till someone was forced to take him to the hospital. Quilt is used when he wants to play dress-up. Rolling down the hill, is what he normally do on his freetime. Saxophone makes him think of the octopus. Tutu delights him. Umbrellas are after him. Vaccines makes him feel lightheaded. Wax paper was in his digestive system once. Xylophone is his favorite band. Yak is his pet. Zebra styled clothes, is his favorite.

Micro Adventure: Adventures of An Inch-Tall Me

By Jared M

I walked up to my table. As I put my hand on it, I closed my eyes. When I opened them, things were different. The table was a grey expanse: flat and foreboding. I was standing on it. The Lego minifigure beside me was suddenly taller than me. My Legos looked like huge buildings and I realized that I was now just over an inch tall. My door, I thought. I have to get to my door. I started to walk. I reached a tangle of action figures. Seeing no way around. I grabbed on to the hand of one and began to shimmy up the arm. Soon, I was walking unsteadily across the limbs of my own toys. One of the pose able limbs that I was perched on shifted. I felt myself fall and barely managed to grab on to the finger of another toy. My small body was easier to support. I pulled myself up and kept going. After passing mountains of plastic bricks, I reached the wall. I went to the tack-board that sat nearby and hopped on one of the pins. It wobbled, but held its place. Just to be sure, I went back and grabbed a tissue: A piece of it might work as a parachute. I tied it around me and began to traverse the pushpins.

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Madeleine’s Truth/Lie

Madeleine went down of the aquarium, the water was freezing but she soon adapted to the temperature. There were sharks swimming around her, she was really afraid, but the sharks did not bother her while she was coming down from the shore. She did not have the oxygen tank on her, she was just snorkeling. She saw a lot of kinds of fish, which she had never seen before.


Madeleine ate snails before, the first time she saw it, and it looked like caterpillars that have been smashed in to watery things. Her mother ate some, she told Madeleine that it tastes really good, and it has some things that can make your skin smother. So she ate one, and it tastes really rich and oily, but it was good.


Madeleine loves reading books; she reads a lot of books. One day, her mom told her that she needs to cell or donated some books to the poor families that live in the mountains. She was really sad that she had to give the books away that she enjoyed so much, but if it is going to be for the poor families, she think that it would be fine. She start getting out all the books that she doesn’t read much and there were a hundreds of them, and she still has more books at home. She has read almost thousands of books now!

Phillip’s Truth/Lie

By Phillip M

Incident 1: Philip and his family were visiting Phuket one summer. They were out on the beach in front of the hotel they were staying. Outside, Philip’s family saw a baby elephant that they could feed fruits to. They went down there and feed the baby elephant some fruits. After the elephant ate the fruits, the men who were watching over the elephant took the elephant to the beach so he could wash up. Philip was playing on the beach with the sand. The elephant was almost going to step on Philip when a lifeguard saved Philip and asked him if he was ok. He said yes.



Incident 2: Philip was walking a busy street and waited for a green light. When the green light came on, Philip was walking across the street when a car ignored his red light and drove across Philip’s foot! Philip’s parents had to pay $100 for his Band-Aid and crutches.



Incident 3: When Philip ordered his Xbox 360 on Amazon, it said it would be there in one week. One week later, Philip got a teddy bear in the mail. That meant that the person who was packing the Xbox 360 mixed up his order so Philip got a teddy bear the price of an Xbox 360 and the other guys got an Xbox 360 for the price of a teddy bear! Philip ordered again and it was free but he didn’t get a refund from the previous one. Then next week, Philip got an Xbox 360.