Alyssa’s Truth/Lie

By Alyssa A


Something clawed Alyssa’s toe and when she looked down, she realized it was the kitten’s mother who she taunted. The pain seared her leg, that she went running down the to the highway and almost got hit by a car. Her mother screamed at her telling her to come back. She didn’t really get why the cat had to be so angry at her, that it clawed her toe. She hopped back to where her family is on one leg and told them what happen. Her mother sighed and said, “This is why you don’t mess with cats.”

 Just An Imagination

The 5 year old Alyssa was left alone in her parents little car with her one year younger brother, Aldrin. Their parents were off buying some things in the market and they didn’t want to come to the smelly market with them. So they stayed in the car. After about 30 mins, they started panicking, because their parents were in the market, a little too long. They cried and cried, thinking that they’re parents got stabbed by a knife, or got their head chopped of with a cleaver. After about ten more mins, their parents came back and they assured them that that’s not going to happen to them.

 Leaving Home

“I’m running away!” shouted Alyssa to her parents and shut the front door behind her.  She brought her little stitch with her that she got in Disneyland, and headed to the playground that was somewhere in her compound. She was angry at her parents that they were going to move to Vancouver, and that she would stay in ISB for the first semester. There was so many cool things that’s going to happen during the second semester, and she wanted to be there when it happen. After a while, she decided that she didn’t like sleeping on the slide, so she came back home.

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