Anthony’s Tale

By Alyssa A

Anthony hate bees. But bees likes him. Coffees lighten him up every morning. Drugs disgust him. Elephants are too big for his car. Face painting is his specialty. Guns scares him. Hexagon is his middle name. iPod is his only friend.  Jumps to sleep, every night. Kite flying makes him think of wanting tie himself up on the kite, and ask someone to fly it for him. Llama once ate his socks. Meteor fell on him, but the grim reaper decided that he should have a chance to live because of his stupidity. Nauseous is what he gets, when twirling in his living room, nonstop. Octopuses try to suffocate him. Paper gave him a paper cut once and he didn’t stop crying, ‘till someone was forced to take him to the hospital. Quilt is used when he wants to play dress-up. Rolling down the hill, is what he normally do on his freetime. Saxophone makes him think of the octopus. Tutu delights him. Umbrellas are after him. Vaccines makes him feel lightheaded. Wax paper was in his digestive system once. Xylophone is his favorite band. Yak is his pet. Zebra styled clothes, is his favorite.

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