Madeleine’s Truth/Lie

Madeleine went down of the aquarium, the water was freezing but she soon adapted to the temperature. There were sharks swimming around her, she was really afraid, but the sharks did not bother her while she was coming down from the shore. She did not have the oxygen tank on her, she was just snorkeling. She saw a lot of kinds of fish, which she had never seen before.


Madeleine ate snails before, the first time she saw it, and it looked like caterpillars that have been smashed in to watery things. Her mother ate some, she told Madeleine that it tastes really good, and it has some things that can make your skin smother. So she ate one, and it tastes really rich and oily, but it was good.


Madeleine loves reading books; she reads a lot of books. One day, her mom told her that she needs to cell or donated some books to the poor families that live in the mountains. She was really sad that she had to give the books away that she enjoyed so much, but if it is going to be for the poor families, she think that it would be fine. She start getting out all the books that she doesn’t read much and there were a hundreds of them, and she still has more books at home. She has read almost thousands of books now!

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