By Alyssa A


Ian’s stomach growled of hunger. He looked around the dark cave hopelessly. It’s no use. There’s no way you can find food in here without light, he thought to himself.

He’s trapped inside the cave ‘cause a huge mountain bear blocked the entrance, which led him to be stuck in there for a long time.

He blindly touched the ground, searching for a stick to build a fire. Finally, he got it, and built it.

He could now see the interior of the cave. Rocks, piled up at the side and bats hanging up from the roof of the cave, upside down. But still, there’s no food in here.

After about 5 hours of starvation and boredom, he went to check on the bear. It lay near the entrance, in deep slumber. Yes, I can finally leave this place. He crept quietly to the side of the bear and left.

Soon, after he was far away from the bear and the cave, he let out the breath that he was holding from the start.

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