Dog Fight

By Nicolas Z

There are 80 dogs. Their names? Bla, Ha, Haling, Booo, Sandwich, Bee, Eww, moring, Morning, Holer, Holder, Chew, Lol, Screen, Alex, Shot, Nicholas, Paper, ISB, CIS, Com, Comput, Computer, Penny, Shoot, Ain, Aim, Hwe, Qwe, Wer, Ert, Rty, Tyu, Yui, Uio, Iop, Opa, Pas, Asd, Sdf, Dfg, Fgh, Ghj, Hjk, Jkl, Kl, Lzx, Xcv, Cvb, Vbn, Nm,Qw,We, Er, Rt, Ry, Ty, Yu, Ui, IO, Op, As, SD, Df, Fg, Gh, Hj, Jk, KL, Zx, Xc, Cv, Vb, Bn, Nm, Ink, Spill, Lion,Shark,  Bot, Boy, Girl, and Boys. They fight, then one left, but, sadly, he died because of his wound.

My Computer’s Perspective of Me

By Gabby A


I swear, if I have to take a screenshot of a fandom post I am going to short circuit.

After she does her homework all I can feel is the dragging of the mouse and hear the clicking of the screenshot. Percabeth and Caleo left and right I think it’s becoming a real problem. Her fingers pound the keyboard and she types at rapid-fire speed. She doesn’t even have to look at the keyboard to type at all! I don’t know if it’s just me or can I start to feel dents in the keys? She has no idea how to wash her hands! After school on the bus she opens me up and writes her Fanfictions, and her hands are all dusty and grimy from whatever she’s been doing all day.

Oh, sometimes I wish she’d treat me with more care. When the teacher gets cross and tells the students to close their laptops, she doesn’t close my lid. Oh, no. She slams my lid. I’m surprised that my screen hasn’t cracked yet. She’s spilled so many liquids on me from water to iced tea, I can feel the circuit boards inside my body starting to get sticky. It’s disgusting.

And when the internet doesn’t work, she blames it on ME! She pounds on the monitor with her fist, and yells in frustration. What do I have anything to do with internet connections? If you are planning to destroy a piece of technology, at least destroy the internet router!

She never puts me to sleep, she never shuts me down! All through the night I am up and awake, my brightness turned on full blast, buzzing with energy from the charger she’s plugged into me all day.

I keep reminding her to backup her files, but she just won’t listen! Every time I notify her, ‘HEY! YOU’D BETTER BACKUP OR YOU’LL BE SORRY!’ she doesn’t want to listen to me! And then she gets mad at me when I lose all my memory and lose all her files! Hey, if you wanted to keep those screenshots of Rick Riordan’s tweets, you should’ve just listened!

And here she is, writing all my thoughts about her on a Word Document. Okay. You want more? Well I’ll tell you more! You never


What’s this?





You shame me, human.


[Featured Image by Hyo Jin K.]

Jenny’s and Vivian’s Truth/Lie

By Jenny S and Vivian W


“NOOOO!!!!!!! BARBIE!!!!!!” Jeanette screamed. Jenny and Jeanette were having a fight. Jeanette ripped Jenny’s Harry Potter poster in half. So Jenny was ripping her older sister’s Barbie doll.

“SHUT IT YOU WHIPPERSNAPPER!!!! YOU TOTALLY DESERVE IT, NINCOMPOOP!!!! Jenny squealed, fighting to climb to her bed; the top bunk. Jeanette clung onto the ladder.

“GIVE. ME. BACK. MY. BARBIE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL!!!!! Jeanette shouted, trying to get her Barbie doll away from her aggressive little sister. Jenny held onto the doll as if for dear life.

“YOU KILL HARRY POTTER, I KILL BARBIEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Jenny screamed at the top of her lungs, ripping off poor Barbie’s head and kicked her sister in the stomach.

“HOOF!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” Jeanette screamed as she fell off the ladder. With one big thump, there was awkward silence. Jenny continued ripping Barbie apart with an angry gleam in her eyes. She didn’t realize that her sister was still lying on the ground, unconscious until Barbie was in shreds.

“Jeanie? Jeanie?!” Jenny shook her sister violently. Jenny tried everything to make Jeanette wake up. In the end, with horror struck eyes, she cried “MOM!! DAD!!!”


Amanda stood under the doorway of the store. The sounds of chirps, barks and purring blasted her ears and she smiled. Finally, time to get her first pet!

She entered the store, and was awarded with the shopkeeper’s stare. Ignoring the eyes sinking into her back, she walked over to the puppies.

The first thing she noticed was the smell. Rancid breath, toilet smells, and saliva overcame her nose. Telling herself that she was going to have a good, clean pet, (with good hygiene), she marched towards the cage containing the puppies and directed her attention towards it.

The pups tumbled over each other to gain the attention, but Vivian’s eyes were locked onto one puppy. A small, and extremely hyper. Amanda LOVED the pup. She demanded that the puppy and her were put together, able for her to pet it.

She and the puppy were put in a cage, and the puppy was as hyper as ever. The puppy ran over to Amanda, and her expecting it to leap into her arms, held them out.

Now, its crazy for a pet shop to have no litter box. The puppy instead ran to her shoes, leaned its hind onto the shoes, and left a small, brown gift.

Amanda never went into pet shops again.



Jen was bored. Her grandpa was riding a bike and her on the backseat. She looked down at the wheels and grinned.

“Pretty wheels. I wanna touch ‘em.” Jen touched the wheel with her foot. She thought it was fun. Jen continued to play with the wheel until… her foot was jammed in the wheels.

“AAAAAH!!!” Jen screamed as they fell over. Her grandpa screamed too. It took her hours to get her foot out. Jen cried and cried. Until when they finally got her out. Jen had to ride the car of one of their neighbors. Jen saw her ankle bleeding and screamed at the top of her lungs, and sobbed. Jen learnt her lesson that day.


By Nicolas Z


P = Professor

R= Robber


R: “You”

P: “Oh, me?”

R: “Yes, come over.”

P: “Why, give some reasons.”

R: “Because we are old friends!”

P: “But I do not recognize you!”

R:“ Of course, you haven’t seen me, hah!”

P: “That’s weird, I know every friend of mine.”

R: “Doesn’t matter, it is important that I know you!”

P: “Then why it’s not important for me to know you?”

R: “Ehh, I don’t know, I just know that I know you.”

P “If there’s nothing else, I will have to go, stuff to do!”

R: “Wait, no no no, sit down and let’s talk some more, sit down!”

P: “Hey, let’s make this clear: I don’t bother you, and you don’t bother me.”

P: “I’ve had it, I really have to go, if you are a robber, rob me.”


And with a turn, the professor turned and walked away, thumping along while coursing.


R: “Stop right there, if you know I’m a robber, then give me money.”

P: “Wait, what, you are a robber, alright, fine, just close your eyes.”

R: “Why, I’m not that dumb that I’ll let to go, idiot!”

P: “No, that’s not what I meant, I meant money, money!”

R: “Okay, I’ll believe you once, but only once, deal?

P: “Yay, now close your eyes, think of money…”

R: “Beautiful, glittering gold coins and silver car!”

R: “Now where’s my money, you idiot!”

P: “If you want your money…

R: “You’ll never see tomorrow!”

Pull the trigger.

Bullet flew.


Peaceful Chaos

By Elsie K



50 feet above the ocean, on a rocky, rough cliff, stood a woman, no more than 20. The expression on her face remained blank, even as she stared across the horizon, the cloudy gray skies and the murky green-brown water, stretched as far as the eye could see. For as long as she could remember, she and her family had lived in squalor.

One could easily tell from her appearance, too. The torn, blue cloth and bare feet, scratches and dirt covering almost every inch of her. When she was 9 her mother was killed by their neighbor, and after she had turned 18, she isolated herself, far away from the city, not wanting the same fate set upon her. She had wanted to go back in time, back a thousand years, to a time when people lived not in fear of being murdered whenever you left the house. But she couldn’t, so she doesn’t even think of it anymore. She just leaned forward, looking at the ground below.

She wanted to go out her own way, naturally, not by the hand of someone else. She turned her back, facing the remains of the city in the far distance. She scooted back more, letting the element of surprise practically push her off the cliff. What was really less than 30 seconds, felt like hours, and soon she felt herself encased in cold, dirty water. It got colder and colder the further she descended, and soon the sky was nothing but a surface, miles from reach. Her lungs were burning, clawing for air, but she wouldn’t let it. She’d rather do this now than later, when she was being forced off. So she did.


Kaylynn Adamson sat on the dock, her feet dipped in the water. She had a light purple dress on, and from the sight of the white church behind her, anyone could tell she had come from a wedding. For the third time in her entire life, her father was getting married to another evil woman who hated Kaylynn. She looked out in the distance, a cerulean lake stretching all the way from here to Grenville. Suddenly, she saw a large splash in the lake, as if something had fallen from the white clouds. When the waves dispersed, she could see something black bobbing in the lake, and when she squinted she saw it was a person.

Her eyes went wide as she noticed arms flailing around in the water. She wanted to dive in and swim towards the woman, saving her, but if she ruined the dress, no doubt her stepmother would kill her. But soon, the woman saved herself, crawling on shore, coughing and hacking. Kaylynn rushed over, helping her up. The woman looked in awe at how clean and sophisticated Kaylynn was, her spotless dress whipping around in the cold wind, her brown hair tied up at the left, pink glasses set on her nose.

“Where am I?” The woman asked, staring at the astonishing amount of green vegetation surrounding her.

“Canada…why? What’s your name?” The woman shook her head.

“Canada? Isn’t it wasteland now? I mean, after the government bombed it from that disease, no one has been there. My name? Oh, um, Elizabeth.” Kaylynn raised her eyebrows.

“What? Disease?” The expression on Elizabeth’s face was perplexed.

“Wow, you really are clueless. In 3489?” Kaylynn felt like fainting, and Elizabeth could see it, too. As a starving family, it happened often. Too often. She quickly placed her hands on Kaylynn’s shoulders, steadying her. “Why are you so surprised? I mean, yeah, you’re young, but you’d think your mother would’ve told you about that by now. Especially if this is “Canada”.”

“My mother died.” Kaylynn whispered, eyes low to the ground.

“Who has been watching you? Do you have siblings?” She shook her head.

“No, I’m an only child. But my father watches me. Actually, he’s in that church getting married. Again. Enough about me, though. Why are you suddenly in the lake? I’ve been sitting there for hours, and I haven’t seen anyone.”

“I think what I’d be more confused about is how I jumped off a cliff, onto a shore with rocks that could potentially kill me, then arrive in Canada. I lived in Chicago. Well, at least what used to be Chicago.” Kaylynn put two fingers on her temples, pacing.

“So what you’re telling me, is that you are from 1,500 years in the future? And you teleported from Chicago…to Canada?!” Elizabeth nodded, thinking about what the girl had just said.

“Yea, pretty much.” Again, she repeated what she had said in her mind, and noticed something she didn’t before. “Wait. You said…1500 years…in the future! That means…I’m in the past! But…how!?”

“I’m asking myself the same thing. Either way, we need to check you in a motel. My father will not let you stay at my house, that’s for sure.”

“Motel?” Elizabeth hadn’t heard that word since she was a kid. It’s a place where she lived for most her life. After that it was just an abandoned lighthouse on the cliff. “Well, when can we go?” Kaylynn looked back at the church, giving a curt sigh.

“I don’t want to be here anymore. I’ll take you there.”

Kaylynn had kindly donated the 30 dollars it cost to check into the ominous motel. Elizabeth thought that the room was quite a step-up from the lighthouse, but the look of utter revulsion Kaylynn wore was a telltale sign that she wasn’t used to such dull rooms. This room was small, the carpet tawny and the walls the color of oatmeal. In the corner was a white bed – perhaps in the 70s. Now the crisp blankets were a subdued beige, and the end table showed many indications of wear and tear over the years.

She took light steps inward, and no matter how gentle she had tread, the floor still creaked. Despite the fact that the rest of the room seemed to be old, the mirror was in perfect condition, no scratches, and perfectly clean. As a child, whenever she tried to see herself in the mirror, it was always covered in a thick layer of grime, and her face seemed to be separated in two where the crack her sister created was.

After a quick wash, Elizabeth definitely loved where things were going. She had a nice room (at least in her opinion) and if she needed anything, her newfound friend was only a few blocks away.

Elizabeth couldn’t believe her luck. After her mother, she never thought this ‘luxury’ could be bestowed upon her. For once in her life, there wasn’t a hot humidity, casting blazing rays of sun against her neck. Or the freezing cold, nipping at her pale, papery skin.

She flopped down on the bed, and burrowed herself on top of the covers, not wanting to escape her cocoon. Her long, black hair spread across the sheets, forming a wreath around her. Elizabeth could feel all her worries floating away, she wanted to drift into a deep sleep, to just forget everything and rest for once in the past 20 years. Then, her milliseconds of peace were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Elizabeth set her hand on the knob, ready to turn the handle and greet the person on the other side. Instead, during that moment of hesitation, the door was kicked open, knocking her back on to the floor. After the surprise faded, she could see the face of the man.

“Room service.” He said, pointing a gun to her forehead. In her time, guns were totally illegal, and anyone seen with one was killed on sight. Obviously, this wasn’t the case here.

“What do you want?” She asked shakily.

“My boss told me someone checked into this room needed to be taking care of, so that’s what I’m going to do.”

Kaylynn could feel her heart pounding in her chest when she approached the motel the next day. There was an ambulance speeding around the curb, cop cars parked in front of a room. Elizabeth’s room. She pushed through the crowd of people, up to the police tape. Through the open door, Elizabeth’s toweled body was sprawled across that god-awful carpet, a crimson puddle staining it.

She could remember how just yesterday, the girl was overjoyed at her newfound time travel, somehow placing her here with Kaylynn. She could remember Elizabeth telling her how all she had wanted was peace, and now some jerk had put a bullet through her skull.

Heart racing, she shoved the policeman on the ground, bolting through the doorway. She was running on pure adrenaline, now. Her hands were shaking when she pulled them to Elizabeth’s face, cradling her. All life had been drained from the once living woman. Her skin was chalky white, her lips purple.

Kaylynn didn’t understand how everyone she loved was taken from her. She hated it. No matter the circumstances, Elizabeth was a friend. A dead friend, now.

“Kaylynn?!” She looked back to see her father rushing towards the scene. “What are you doing here? Did you…did you know this woman?” He lifted her up gently leading her away from the corpse.

“She was my friend.” Kaylynn used the back of her hand to clear the dampness from her cheeks. “Besides don’t you have some honeymoon to be on?” She said monosyllabically.

“No, I called off the wedding. I guess I didn’t really need any of those women. Just one.” Kaylynn couldn’t help the dorky smile spreading across her face.

“Let’s go home, i think the police have got a pretty good handle on this. I’m sure your friend is in a better place.” Kaylynn sighed, glancing back at where the woman was being sent away for autopsy.

“That’s all she wanted.”

Results Of Time Travel

By Corie J

In a tank of milky water floated a girl, her blond hair spread around her like a little cloud. Her eyes were closed, and she had on the tiniest trace of a smile. As she floated, blissfully unconscious, two white coated orderly appeared. They looked at each other and nodded.”Ready” said the taller one in a serene tone.

“Eject her if you please” the shorter doctor in a lab coat walked over and pressed a button. the bottom of the tube opened, and the girl’s body slid out, accompanied by a ton of water. There was a long pause as the white clad doctors waited anxiously. Suddenly she gasped, her body jerking convulsively as her eyes shot open, pale blue irises scanning her surroundings as she lay on the floor, shivering. After a few moments, she got up, and the two doctors, who had been standing by the side, almost hopping with excitement, approached her, holding out some white clothes. The girl numbly took the items and self consciously tried to cover as much of her body as possible while inspecting the items. White pants, a long sleeved white shirt, a white jacket, and some boots. The doctors respectably diverted their eyes as they showed her into a dressing room.

Inside she found a towel and a hairdryer, along with some other bathroom implements. She dried herself off,(yuck, the gunk smelled worse than a riled skunk) and changed into the outfit. It fitted nicely. She wondered if they had taken her measurements while she was floating there. She stepped out of the changing room, feeling much better. Meanwhile the two doctors had pulled out clipboards and were waiting. As soon as she walked towards them, the shorter one stepped forward and asked
“Your name?”
“Age upon entering?”
“Purpose for entering?”
“To escape all the household pests that used to bother me.”
The doctor nodded and stepped back. Now the taller one approached her and pulled a pen out of his breast pocket.
“Follow me please, I will lead you out. You will find that we have gotten rid of all the vermin that used to inhabit the earth, but it is currently winter, so you will have to pull up the hood of your parka.”

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