Holiday Prompt

By Joanne T


“Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Time to wake up!” Kristie’s little sister Annie woke her up at 6 o’clock.  Kristie rubs her eyes and suddenly she goes hyper.

“It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!” Kristie jumped on her bed and twirled. “Where are my presents? I’m coming, dear presents!” Kristie imagined mountains of presents piled around the Christmas tree. Kristie laughed to the empty stairways and walked down. She hurried with Annie to the Christmas tree and there Kristie slips.

“Oof!” Kristie stood up and patted dirt off her new dress. She raised her head and saw… Nothing is there except the tree.

“Where are my presents?” Annie sat on the ground and started crying. Kristie pulled the side of her dress and stood there staring into the empty place. She stomped to the sofa close to the chimney and sat down hardly. Suddenly she heard a chomping sound from the chimney. She stood up with confuse and called Annie over.

“Annie lets go see what’s happening in the chimney.” Kristie said to Annie.

“Okay.” Annie replied, she hangs on Kristie’s hand and follows.  Kristie gasped and Annie cried when they see what is the chomping sound. It’s a chubby monster, and it is chomping their presents. The chubby cute-monster turned and looks at Kristie with a super innocent face. Annie stops crying and smiles then held out her hand.

“Come play with us!” Annie said. Then the monster stood up and spoke English!

“Sorry, I ate your presents… I’m too hungry… I promise I will pay you back! Go to the nearest park from your home and come back, I promise you will be surprised!” The cute monster said. Then it pushed Kristie and Annie out, and watched then walks away. It said something and it disappeared. Presents appeared.

An hour later, Kristie and Annie came back. They were surprised by the presents, and they found a neat-written card:

Dear Kristie and Annie:

I’m so sorry! I promised this! Good luck!

                                            From you know who


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