The Twelve Days of Christmas

By Vivian W

Santa’s Visit

I woke up with a yelp. Today was Christmas! I ran to my sister’s room and woke her up. There was no sleeping in on this cold, happy day! We both ran down the stairs, racing each other until we were are the bottom. We went into the living room and checked out the Christmas Tree. Still the same lights, still the same star on top. Nothing was different.

Not even something under the tree. We looked all around the tree.  Nothing. No flash of a ribbon hidden underneath the branches, no notecard peeking out of the mess of decorations on the tree.

I turned to my big sister. “Where are the presents? Didn’t Santa come?”

I saw my sister struggling under her mask of pure innocence. “Maybe he will come later. Come on, little sister, lets first go eat breakfast. We started towards the door.

“Did you hear that?” Some heavy pit-pat sounds came from the roof. “A robbery?”

“Probably not, sister. Surely it’s just the chimney duster.”

I wasn’t so sure. But the thing was making it’s way to the chimney.

We turned back around and stepped our first step in the dining room.

“But sister, it sounds like he’s in the chimney!”

My older sister looked up. Streaks of doubt and deep thinking crossed her face. Perhaps she was considering that it was a robber, after all.

Dust streamed from the chimney. Based on how many grunts there was, I could tell that the person was chubby, or considerably fat. Finally, finally, two little stubby legs appeared underneath the place were we hanged our stockings. The legs were fat, and the shoes…red and fluffy white stuff.

The figure landed on his butt on the logs in the fire place, and he smiled at us.


Ideas rushed in my mind, all things to consider. Trap him and bring him for show and tell, force him to take me to the North Pole, look at his reindeer (See if they are as fat as someone…). But one idea stood out.

He needed to take cookie eating down a notch.

Rosy cheeks, merry eyes, this was truly Santa.

He also smelled like gingerbread.

We all stared at each other, not daring to break this sacred moment. Then, he threw some…some…pixie dust which knocked us out. Yeah, I know. We both fell down and hit our heads. I don’t remember what happened next, but I woke up with a donkey neighing. A donkey?

I looked up to find my Christmas present.

A donkey with a ribbon tied around the neck.

Just what I wanted.

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