Short Story

By David W

I didn’t expect to plunge into a room of dreams.

There I was, writing my homework, and I found myself dizzy, unable to focus. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, and I felt a sudden surge of tireness, like I just ran twenty laps. I stumbled, and crashed on my bed.

I felt the bed fall apart, and everything was like glue. I couldn’t move, see or even feel anything. I wasn’t so surprised. It was just another strange nightmare.

Then, the crazy thing happened. Everything parted, and found my dream self in a room. The walls were black, with no light comming from any direction, but my dream self could see perfectly. I didn’t focus on much details of the room, but only glass jars, big as bottles of water, stood in the middle of the room. Something flickered inside them, and they showed visions I could see with my mind. These were dreams. My dreams. I walked towards them and studied the dreams. Some good dreams, some nightmares, and some I couldn’t even remember. I was so focused that I didn’t even look at where I was going. I tripped on a jar, and it shattered to pieces.

I jerked awake, and found myself on the ground of a bright hallway, the same one in my dream a few days ago, with the flowing fire maze. Weren’t I supposed to be on my comfortable bed, resting? Then I figured something out. Something that doesn’t make any sense. Something that weren’t supposed to happen, but did. My real self got in my own dream.

I panicked. In my original fire maze dream, I was cornered by flames, with my friends burnt, and I got woken up by my alarm. But this time there weren’t any alarms to wake me up. I hoped I was still dreaming, and I will wake up when I have to go to school, but I knew this was real. I thought about my dreams. What happened after this? I walked around the maze of fire, thinking as fast as I could. Can I die in dreams? If I did, would I go home, on my bed? Then I thought of something. This is my own dream. Can I control what happened in it? I’ve read about people manipulating their dreams, controlling what’s in them. Can I try to do that?

I closed my eyes. I concentrated so hard that my head buzzed. Then I opened my eyes, after I prayed to everything and everyone. I was back home, awoke.

Then, my alarm rang. Time for school. When I arrived school, people kept asking why I smelled like fire and burnt marshmallows. I just answered “I ate some for breakfast”, but my classmates clearly didn’t belive me.

Then, I went in the science class room, and people were talking about weird dreams. I walked towards the people, ready to join their conversation, since I had a pretty weird dream too. When I heard what they were talking about, I nearly fainted with surprise. They were talking about the dream of the fire maze, and everybody had that dream. What did I do?

Then, my head buzzed again. I tried to make it go away, but it just got worse. I closed my eyes and tried to clear my head. When I noticed my mistake, I was too late. The world faded around me and I fell in the room of dreams.

This time the room was a bit different… or a lot. This time there aren’t just one room, but about twenty rooms connected, and they look different. Some are black like mine, and some are other colored, like white, gray, or dark red. I went to the white room, with my best friend in it.

“What is this?” My best friend asked, panicking. “Where is this place?” “This… Um…” I found it hard to explain. “This is the room of dreams.”

“What is it?”

“Your past dreams will be stored inside here, and for some reason I can get in this place.”

“Where is my dreams, then?”

I looked around his room. There were nothing, not a single jar, and same for my other classmates. There were nothing.

“Wha… What…” I spluttered.
My friend frowned. “You don’t think we’ll be stuck here forever, do you?”

“Well, I’m not sure.” I decided to be honest. “I concentrated last time I got in this room and I got out, but I don’t think I can manage 20 people…”

My friend gasped.

“What?” I asked, mystified.

“Look… LOOK BACK!!” He shouted.

I turned my head, and what I saw frightened me out of my mind. It was the fire maze, and all my friends were in there, standing exactly where they were standing in my fire maze dream from days ago.

Then, I flinched and had a bad feeling. I found out the truth about the room of dreams. It was way more powerful than I thought it was. I replayed the fire maze dream in my mind. Me and my friend, in the dream, had navigated to a trap door, thinking it was the way out. A stream of flames came out of the trap door and swallowed us all. That was all I remembered from the original dream.

“Hey! Come on! Let’s try to escape!” My friend shouted to me.

I jolted back to reality, or at least my dream reality, in the dream room. I sprinted after my classmates. They sneaked fearfully though the fire maze. The walls of fire shifted once we went through a gate. We were trapped in the maze. I studied the space we had. There was a trap door… The trap door.


I’d like to say that I helped everybody escape. The truth is it was the dreams. Even though I was scared out of my mind, I still tried to clear my mind and focus on escaping. I looked around. The fire closing up on us, the trapdoor which I know leads to a trap, and… a glitter of light?

I never noticed the dream jars are still here. I sprinted at a random jar with excitement. The good news is that I almost reached the jar, but the bad news is that also means I am almost getting burned to a crisp by a wall of fire.

I tried to kick the jar to my hand, but the temperature is too hot. I lost my balance, and would’ve fell in the fire if my friend haven’t grabbed me.

“What were you doing?” He exclaimed.
“Getting the jar.” I replied.
“Well, there’ll be no getting the jar now.” He said.

I looked up. The jar fell in the fire. There goes our only hope. I thought.
Then, the miracle happened. The fire somehow liquified the bottle, and the dream fluttered out. The dream, turns out, to be about our science test today. Whoever had that dream had saved us all.

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