The Gifts of Shadow

By David W

It was a normal vacation before everything went wrong. Lily and her husband James went onto a vacation. Just a normal vacation at the beach. They went swimming in the beautiful ocean…

Then, Lily glanced back. Near their towels, a new bag, decorated beautifully, stood near the sand. There was a label: To Lily

Lily, curiously, walked towards the bag. Carefully, she opened it. Elegant, colorful flowers, inside the bag. She didn’t dare take it, assuming it was some kind of trap. She walked back to the hotel immediatly after that.

“Why are you in such a hurry, anyways?” James asked.

“Oh… nothing.” Lily lied. “It’s just a sun allergy.”

“You never told me you had sun allergies!” said James. “Maybe you’d like to stay in?”

But Lily’s attention was not on James, but another anonymous package outside the window. She opened the package. Inside, a golden watch glittered. Lily frowned. Are those a surprise gift from her husband? She thought. It’d won’t be as fun for him if I asked him about it.

She went down to get some water, and besides a water dispenser, a beautiful bag laid on the floor. She couldn’t take it anymore. Forgetting all about her thirst, she burst into the hotel room.

“Did you put down the gifts?” Lily demanded.

“Gifts? What gifts?” James asked, mystified.

 “Oh… Never mind,” replied Lily. If her husband didn’t know about the gifts, then he obviously didn’t give it to her.

James frowned. “Why don’t you sleep for a moment? You must be tired.”

Lily sighed. “Okay.”

She laid on the bed, thinking she won’t be able to sleep after everything that happened. A second later, she closed her eyes and plunged into dreams.

In her dreams, she saw a person at her hotel, wrapped in black cloaks. He walked fast and without a sound. With a closer look, she noticed that the person was hovering an inch above the ground!

There’s even more. Where ever the person went, lights went dark, and the shadows seem to manipulate like the man radiated darkness.

The person kept floating and went into the elevator. There were people inside, but they didn’t seem to see the dark person.

“Grab the dark person!” Lily wanted to shout, but her voice won’t work.

Then, the dark person turned at dream Lily. She passed right through her and pointed at her hotel room. The door clicked, and the dark person walked in.

She woke with a start and blinked.

“Lily? Something wrong?” asked James.

“Oh… nothing.” Lily replied.

Then she found another gift bag, and James stared at it, not hiding his wonder… and what was it in his eyes? Lily thought. Then she knew. Suspicion.

“Umm… Lily? What was that?” Asked James.

Lily didn’t reply. Instead, she opened the bag. A box, glittering gold, with “To Lily” on it, was in it. She opened the bag.

“A GOLDEN RING?” Exclaimed Lily.

“Excuse me?” said James, frowning. “Is something going on there?”

Lily should have explained, but she was lost in thoughts.

James bit his lips and took a deep breath. “Lily?” His voice was extremely soft, like . “Is there something you want to tell me?”

“No.” Lily shook her head desperatly. She knew she’d lost her husband’s trust.

“Okay. Then why don’t I go down to do some work?” said James, and he was gone before Lily knew it.

She was so tired that she fell asleep instantly, again, since her last dream woke her up in about ten minutes.

The same dream came to her, but only this time, his husband was in it. The dark person noticed James. “Ahh. The one’s husband.” The shadow person said. His voice was impossibly deep.

He pointed at James and he collapsed on the hotel floor.

“I will take you.” dark man whispered in dream Lily’s mind, and Lily had a feeling that he was whispering to James too.

The dark man waved his hand, and the shadows manipulated, and covered James. Then, the shadows went back to normal, and James was gone.

“Nooooooo!” Screamed dream Lily, and her voice worked.

She woke up with a shadow at the hotel room door, and the shadows came to Lily to cover her. Then, everything went black.

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