Balance Beam

By Isa P.

Don’t cover up so much.
No one likes a prude.
No, that’s too revealing. You look like a hooker.

Yes, study hard!
Stupid girls are despicable.
No, why are you so bookish? Get a social life!

Smile more!
It’s not nice to frown.
No, how are you so shallow? Stop laughing at everything.

Take heed to your appearance.
Leave good impressions.
No, you’re trying too hard! Is all that makeup necessary?

Be strong.
Stand your ground.
Your opinion matters.
No, stop being so defensive. Rebuking jabs won’t get you anywhere.

Embrace your appearance.
You were born this way.
No, that confidence is arrogance. Get over yourself.

Be demure, but show that you’re open.
Be courteous, but don’t be so priggish.
Be independent, but you still need a man.
Be yourself, but not if you’re hideous.

Dear society, I don’t like your rules.
Who says that defying them makes us fools?
You say you’re caring and safe, but now it seems
I no longer wish to walk on the balance beam

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