A general term that can mean anything.

Is there a specific definition?

For each person, the meaning is different

Maybe it is one’s birthplace,

Or maybe where you have lived the longest

Perhaps, it is the most relaxing place,

Here is my interpretation:

Home is a place where there is everything from peace to excitement

Home is the deep, dark forest in the backyard,

Seemingly reaching to drag me in.

Home is the grazing cows mooing on the vast farm

And cornfields stretching past the horizon.

Home is the smell of fresh air,

Carrying an infinite amount pleasant aromas.

Home is the endless grass pastures,

With white, iron, goalposts on each end.

Home is where friendship bonds are made,

Iron, hard, and unbreakable bonds.

Home is where there is unlimited laughter

And happiness gleams bright.

Home is the swim team’s numbingly cold swimming pool,

A margin away from solidifying to icy.

Home is the shiny gold swimming trophy

Standing up tall and proud on my bookshelf.

Home is the old, rusty stereo,

“Hurricane Warning! Seek shelter immediately!”

Home is the soothing notes

Drifting from the piano into my ears.

Home is a dreamland,

Where I have developed to be who I am today.

Home is the one and only New Jersey,

Where I will always consider to be my true home!

What is “Home” to you?

By Jonathan Luo